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Re: Did the AAB and Besant - T.S. and E.S. deviate from the Original Lines?

Apr 27, 2010 01:45 PM
by Jeremy

JC: For corresponding secretaries this is true. The Lucis Trust comment
on world politics in the World Goodwill newsletter, and the two are
distinct and therefore different as is obvious. Below we will see
further comment not picked up by Morten in the same document.

> Further we have from Alice A. Bailey's "Autobiography of Alice A.
> "Our secretaries are not permitted to enter into political or
religious arguments with the students they supervise. We seek only to
indicate the common goal, the universal field of service and the ancient
methods whereby human beings can pass from the unreal to the Real." (p.
> A comment:
> Yet in recent years we find the Lucis Trust to formulate itself in
more or less political tone of voice.
> Try the following newsletter from Lucis Trust, nr. 2, 2003:
> *** The War in Iraq ***
> "We did not rush blindly into war; instead it was considered
deliberately and passionately by all the many members of the world
community demonstrating a noble attempt to solve this problem in a more
enlightened way. And although we seemingly failed, nonetheless a process
was initiated."

> "That is not to say that force is never justified for, as we well
know, the transition period through which we are manoeuvring is fraught
with tremendous difficulties of which we are all too vividly aware. The
terrorist threat does not yield to facile or immediate solutions. And as
much as we might long for the cessation of warfare, due to the dangerous
world in which we live there are times when it is justified. "

The same referance also states the following, for contrast...

"During times of crisis the world's leaders become the recipients of
much animosity and criticism. And whether or not we, as individuals,
agree or disagree with their policies we should hold in mind that our
leaders are merely the embodiments of the national life, the focal
points through which events work out. Our problems are the collective
responsibility of humanity as a whole and it is, therefore, right that
humanity resolve them collectively."

"Perhaps our failure to resolve the Iraqi crisis without the use of
force was largely a refl ection of our inability to give serious
consideration to new ideas. There are quite a number of forward-looking
approaches to conflict mediation that would have been open to us had we
taken the time to seriously consider them. But in the frenzy of the rush
to war they were given scant attention and we all lost in the process."

"Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at their
rightvalue; and unless a judge compares notes and hears both sides he
can hardly come to a correct decision." H.P. Blavatsky. The
Theosophist,July, 1881, p. 218.

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