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Theosophical Forum in Hospet, India

Apr 24, 2010 04:37 PM
by MKR

 There have been discussions on this list and elsewhere on the hot potato of
the TS leaders world-wide; namely the membership and lodge growth.

Membership and lodge statistics world-wide show that there is a steady
growth in Indian Section and it is pitiful in countries outside India.
Outside India, the statistics is either at a stand-still or going down. No
one has researched why and how India has been able to have sustained growth.

The growth of membership and lodges entirely depends on the activities of
members' in their own backyards and not at the national headquarters or
Adyar. Also activities which help people in the backyards are important to
further the cause of theosophy.

The basic direction of the TS was clearly laid out in the Mahachohan letter
which is considered the charter for the TS. The letter clarifies that TS is
not meant to be a meditating society, but one furthers the welfare of our
fellow men and women.

I ran into a news item of how theosophists in Hospet, India organized a two
day program which was attended by 5,000 people. Here is the link for the


I hope some of the leaders read the messages here, see if they can replicate
what Hospet was able to do.


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