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Leadership seems to foster egomania

Apr 21, 2010 02:21 PM
by Jacques M

Some thoughts and facts to share for the sake of information :

In the industry, people who gradually move from position to higher position seems to loose gradually their humanity. I have witnessed all along my now 40 years of working in a big industry that people you met when they are 25 years old where sometime great, nice, pleasant, and the same guy you cross 30 years later as company CEO are so different (and most of the time really nasty) that you may ask what has happen for such a change. Obviously, there are common reasons like stress generated by responsibility, overbusy and more, but why the human relationship quality is vanishing ? (there may be exceptions, but so far, all the cases I met were all similar). Other reason may be the hypertrophia of the ego,driven by the feeling of power over other humans.
Here we are talking to community relationship on earthly ground.
Wen we go on the spiritual grounds, it looks the same...multiplied by a big quantity. History in the TS has shown how it is detrimental to the main objects. Recently, something happened in France which I am still puzzled and disturbed with and I just want to share it : Since the creation of the Theosophical Order of Service in France, there has always been more than a strong and good relationship between the TS and the TOS, both using the same buildings and sharing many things together. Since the last Presidential Elections which were so disturbing for many of us, the then-current general secretary resigned and a new one took-over and was elected last year. The last general assembly I participated (2008), there was ... 22 members attending. Now, the new general secretary just decided to get rid of the TOS for the reason that "it could bring confusion to have the 2 organisations at the same address and it could harm the TS". So we had to leave in a hurry (they send official order to leave) with all the belongings and we are almost in the street. 
Isn't it incredible ? People who devoted their energy for the care of other(TOS) get ejected and banished because some of them did not concur nor supported the malevolent campaign against our world leader 2 years ago. Karma will have its way...and we will have ours not any more with this group of people.

Wish you well,


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