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"...the one and only God...was incarnated in...."

Apr 20, 2010 08:07 PM
by Daniel

Master Morya wrote the following to A.P. Sinnett:

. . .[Rai Salig Ram and the other Radhasoami disciples] say and affirm that the one and only God of the Universe was incarnated in their [deceased] guru, and were such an individual to exist he would certainly be higher than any 'planetary' [spirit]. But they are idolators. . . .

Their guru was no initiate only a man of extraordinary purity of life and powers of endurance. He had never consented to give up his notions of a personal god and even gods. . . . He was born an orthodox Hindu and died a self-reformed Hindu. . . . with no ambition to taint his bright soul. Many of us have regretted his self-delusion. . . .

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For information on THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A.P. SINNETT, see:

Daniel Caldwell
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