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Copyright and some of the messages on theos-talk

Apr 15, 2010 09:43 PM
by MKR

Copyright and some of the messages on theos-talk

A theosophist from Europe, while privately discussing theosophy on Internet,
made a comment that they would like to use some of my messages in their
local language sites and was concerned about copyright issue.

Copyright is owned by the person who wrote the material. Its purpose is
primarily to protect the commercial use of the material by someone else to
make a profit, thus depriving the earnings that are due to the copyright
holder. Of course, anyone can quote from any copyrighted material as part of
a critique. You can Google and understand the various issues surrounding

I clarified that any and all postings of mine on theos-talk can be used by
anyone in any manner without worrying about copyright. I would like to see
the material broadcast as widely as possible since the messages are meant to
further the welfare of everyone.

In the past, we have seen copyright principle mis-used by people trying to
suppress information that may be damaging to their reputation or suppress
politically sensitive information, which may have nothing to do with the
commercial side of the copyright protection.

Theosophists are not an exception to this. More educated one is, more likely
to (mis)use the copyright club, which generally does not help in the long
run. Any material put in writing is bound to come out sooner or later and
can bite the bottom of the writer to his/her embarrassment.

As this issue may be in the minds of readers, especially in other countries,
I thought to share the above.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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