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Re: Theos-World Is TS on the wrong bandwagon?

Apr 09, 2010 09:39 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

I will forward a few views, which might be helpful to relate to MKR's e-mail.

About Money and Blavatsky:

Blavatsky wrote BCW, vol. XII, p.161:
"As for myself, who can charge me with having acted like an impostor? with having, for instance, taken one single pie from any living soul? with having ever asked for money, or even with having accepted it, notwithstanding that I was repeatedly offered large sums! Those who, in spite of this, have chosen to think otherwise, will have to explain what even my traducers of even the Padri class and Psychical Research Society have been unable to explain to this day, viz., the motive for such fraud. They will have to explain why, instead of taking and making money, I gave away to the Society every penny I earned by writing for the papers, why at the same time I nearly killed myself with overwork and incessant labour year after year, until my health gave way, so that but for my Masterâs repeated help, I should have died long ago from the effects of such voluntary hard labour. For the absurd Russian spy theory, if it still finds credit in some idiotic heads, has long ago disappeared, at any rate from the official brains of the Anglo-Indians.
If, I say, at that critical moment, the members of the Society, and especially its leaders at Adyar, Hindu and European, had stood together as one man, firm in their conviction of the reality and power of the Masters, Theosophy would have come out more triumphantly than ever, and none of their fears would have ever been realised, however cunning the legal traps set for me, and whatever mistakes and errors of judgment I, their humble representative, might have made in the executive conduct of the matter."

- - - - - - -

On meditation. 

Blavatsky said, that Dhyana is meditation. And Dhyana is from Dzyan. And the Secret Doctrine was written based on Dzyan's Stanzas. And Dhyana is phonetically Jnana (Visdom).
H. P. Blavatsky also said that Tsong Kha-pas teachings was esoterically viewed Visdom teaching and theosophy. The Voice of Silence also emphasises DhyÃna (meditation). DhyÃn MÃrga is, says Blavatsky, the "Path of DhyÃna," literally; or the Path of pure knowledge, of ParamÃrtha or (Sanscrit) Svasamvedana "the self-evident or self-analyzing reflection." (The Voice of Silence, Fragment III, Portal VII)

Blavatsky said:
"The Book of Dzyanâfrom the Sanskrit word âDhyÃnaâ (mystic meditation)âis the first volume of the Commentaries upon the seven secret folios of Kiu-te, and a Glossary of the public works of the same name."

H. P. Blavatsky stated, that "Yet in the esotericism of the Upanishads, when correctly understood, and our esotericism, there will not be found much difference." (WHAT SHALL WE DO FOR OUR FELLOW-MEN?)

And the Upanishads teaches meditation on Not this, not that.
And King Janaka has been said to be the fastest individual to become enlightened in this Round of the Manvantara.

Even Moksh Mooller (Max MÃllers) mutilated translations of the Upanishads are helpful:

KhÃndogya Upanishad, VII, 7, v2:
"'He who meditates on understanding as Brahman, reaches the worlds where there is understanding and knowledge 1; he is, as it were, lord and master as far as understanding reaches--he who meditates on understanding as Brahman.'

'Sir, is there something better than understanding?'

'Yes, there is something better than understanding.'

'Sir, tell it me.'"

H. P. Blavatsky recommended the Bhagavad Gita in her Esoteric Section.

Bhagavad Gita on meditation.

Arjuna. Thou whom all mortals praise, Janardana!
If meditation be a nobler thing
Than action, wherefore, then, great Kesava!
Dost thou impel me to this dreadful fight?
Now am I by thy doubtful speech disturbed!
Tell me one thing, and tell me certainly;
By what road shall I find the better end?
Krishna. I told thee, blameless Lord! there be paths 
Shown to this world; two schools of wisdom. First
The Sankhya's, which doth save in way of works
Prescribed by reason; next, the Yog, which bids
Attain by meditation, spiritually:
Yet these are one! No man shall 'scape from act
By shunning action; nay, and none shall come
By mere renouncements unto perfectness.
Nay, and no jot of time, at any time,
Rests any actionless; his nature's law
Compels him, even unwilling, into act;
[For thought is act in fancy]. He who sits
Suppressing all the instruments of flesh,
Yet in his idle heart thinking on them,
Plays the inept and guilty hypocrite:
But he who, with strong body serving mind,
Gives up his mortal powers to worthy work,
Not seeking gain, Arjuna! such an one
Is honourable. Do thine allotted task!
Work is more excellent than idleness;
The body's life proceeds not, lacking work.
There is a task of holiness to do,
Unlike world-binding toil, which bindeth not
The faithful soul; such earthly duty do
Free from desire, and thou shalt well perform
Thy heavenly purpose."

Chapter VI
"There, setting hard his mind upon The One,
Restraining heart and senses, silent, calm,
Let him accomplish Yoga, and achieve
Pureness of soul, holding immovable
Body and neck and head, his gaze absorbed
Upon his nose-end, rapt from all around,
Tranquil in spirit, free of fear, intent
Upon his Brahmacharya vow, devout,
Musing on Me, lost in the thought of Me.
That Yogin, so devoted, so controlled,
Comes to the peace beyond, -- My peace, the peace
Of high Nirvana!"

Also Chapter VII and XV can be recommended.
- - - - - - -

So meditate while you work and work while you meditate. The Two Paths are one!
But do not omit altruism and altruistic work. Always seek to do your uttermost to help all and everybody, or at least somebody.
Work for all mankind. If you need to calm your mind, so to better to be able to help, you do that.
If you want to waste you money on someone instead of giving them wisely to another, it is your choice, but do your best to help us all.

Blavatsky wrote BCW, vol. X, p.249:
"How about these unfortunates, we shall be asked, who are thus rent in twain by conflicting forces? For it has been said too often to need repetition, and the fact itself is patent to any observer, that when once the desire for Occultism has really awakened in a manâs heart, there remains for him no hope of peace, no place of rest and comfort in all the world. He is driven out into wild and desolate spaces of life by an ever-gnawing unrest he cannot quell. His heart is too full of passion and selfish desire to permit him to pass the Golden Gate; he cannot find rest or peace in ordinary life. Must he then inevitably fall into sorcery and black magic, and through many incarnations heap up for himself a terrible Karma? Is there no other road for him? 
Indeed there is, we answer. Let him aspire to no higher than he feels able to accomplish. Let him not take a burden upon himself too heavy for him to carry. Without ever becoming a âMahatma,â a Buddha or a Great Saint, let him study the philosophy and the âScience of Soul,â and he can become one of the modest benefactors of humanity, without any âsuperhumanâ powers. Siddhis (or the Arhat powers) are only for those who are able to âlead the life,â to comply with the terrible sacrifices required for such a training, and to comply with them to the very letter. Let them know at once and remember always, that true Occultism or Theosophy is the âGreat Renunciation of SELF,â unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. It is ALTRUISM, and it throws him who practises it out of calculation of the ranks of the living altogether. âNot for himself, but for the world, he lives,â as soon as he has pledged himself to the work. Much is forgiven during the first years of probation. But, no sooner is he âacceptedâ than his personality must disappear, and he has to become a mere beneficent force in Nature. There are two poles for him after that, two paths, and no midward place of rest. He has either to ascend laboriously, step by step, often through numerous incarnations and no Devachanic break, the golden ladder leading to Mahatmaship (the Arhat or Bodhisattva condition), orâhe will let himself slide down the ladder at the first false step, and roll down into Dugpaship. . . . " 

Those who know that the Divine is within their Self, they have begun on the probationary Path or further on, said Blavatsky in the Theosophist.
I forgot what number, but it was later than 1883.

M. Sufilight

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  From: MKR 
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  Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 4:00 PM
  Subject: Theos-World Is TS on the wrong bandwagon?

  Are theosophical organizations in the West trying to jump on the bandwagon
  of meditation? If so does it further the advance of basic object of
  theosophy and Theosophical Society? Those in non-English speaking world may
  want to look up the phrase âjump on the bandwagonâ at the URL:


  If you look around, there are several organizations in the West, mostly
  having their origin in India, which try to teach meditation and breathing
  exercises. They are marketed under different names, and different marketing
  techniques. One basic theme which underlies all of them is the promise of
  making one feel better, efficient and sometimes even claiming they help
  reduce stress and other health issues.

  Many of these operations are very successful financially. Typically, you are
  invited to a one hour free session at which a sales pitch is made. Many fall
  for it. The followup programs can be very expensive.

  There is a general belief in the public in the West, that more pricey,
  better the program is. The attendees are required to promise secrecy with
  regard to what is taught in the program and that is why you rarely see much
  of discussion.

  The financial success of these programs can be phenomenal. There is an
  outfit headed by a middle aged âswamiâ from India which has a very
  successful operation in LA. As an adjunct, there is also a Hindu Temple
  which helps recruit followers and brings in a lot of money. To give you an
  idea of the financial success, this group recently acquired 140 acres of
  land in a large mid-west city to build a temple and facilities to operate
  these programs.

  One seems to see attempts by some TS sections/lodges trying to jump on the
  bandwagon of meditation in the hope of offering what the public wants. A
  good marketing approach. But the fundamental object of TS, which was clearly
  discussed again and again by the Founders in the early days of TS does not
  include the bandwagon of meditation.

  TS was looking for unselfish and altruistic members who are sold on the idea
  of Universal Brotherhood and what it can do for the welfare of our fellow
  beings. While the Founders are fully knowledgeable in the art and techniques
  of meditation and allied practices, they were not seen as a tool to further
  the interests of Humanity.

  The reason why I thought of bringing the above topic is the sad trend in the
  dissemination of theosophy in the West. One of the key measures is the
  membership. What we see is either the membership is shrinking or frozen and
  when we see lodge charters getting cancelled and property sold does not help
  furthering either theosophy or the public perception of TS.

  Also, furthering theosophy was not helped by what we all have seen happening
  in the TS since the start of 2008 election and the subsequent events at the
  top level, especially the failed ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all
  members in the world. It is all the more sad that the ultra secret
  disenfranchisement attempt originated in the United States which is supposed
  to be the leader of democracy.

  It is time to reevaluate which bandwagon we want to be on? I hope this is
  one of the topics discussed at the next World Congress. I hope we get on the
  correct bandwagon quickly, even though we may be the only passengers in it,
  because theosophists are convinced that they are in the forefront of the
  movement for the welfare of the Humanity.


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