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The Masters and the TS and its promotion in the future

Mar 29, 2010 09:29 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Some members of this forum have more than one time raise their voice about the fact that The Theosophical Society is going through a decline in membership.

This reminded me about an e-mail I poste in January 2010 here at Theos-talk.

Theosophical Teaching is PRESCRIBED.

And another issue come to my mind.
H. P. Blavatsky wrote an article in the Esoteric Section about the need to turn the Theosophical Society back towards the original lines.

"The Masters can give but little assistance to a Body not thoroughly united in purpose and feeling, and which breaks its first fundamental rule--universal brotherly love, without distinction of race, creed or colour; nor to a Society, many members of which pass their lives in judging, condemning, and often reviling other members in a most untheosophical, not to say disgraceful, manner. 
For this reason it is now contemplated to gather the "elect" of the T.S. and to call them to action. It is only by a select group of brave souls, a handful of determined men and women hungry for genuine spiritual development and the acquirement of soul-wisdom, that the Theosophical Society at large can be brought back to its original lines. It is through an Esoteric Section alone--i.e., a group in which all the members, even if unacquainted with one another, work for each other, and by working for all work for themselves--that the great Exoteric Society may be redeemed and made to realize that in union and harmony alone lie its strength and power. The object of this Section, then, is to help the future growth of the Theosophical Society as a whole in the true direction, by promoting brotherly union at least among the few."

* Now what are these "original lines" named by H. P. Blavatsky, which is needed before the Masters would use time and give assistance to the TS?
* Have they been achieved, and if so in what manner?

* And has the political activities performed by Annie Besant and other highrank members in their time brought the Theosophical Society back towards the original lines? 
And if so, how can this be explained, when taking  Annie Besant's party political involvements into account, when one of the fundamental rules of the Theosophical Society was to avoid any political involvement, because it could ruin the society?
What are the AIMS of the present TS leadership, and how will the protect the aim of a Universal Brotherhood? Will they do it by ruining it?

About the above questions see H. P. Blavatsky - and please read these words carefully:  
(b) Rule XIV stating that the Society has "to deal only with scientific and philosophical subjects," hence, "it is quite evident [?] that the power and position claimed in the Rules for the Prest.-Founder, the General Council and the Convention are opposed to the spirit of the declared objects. . ." 
"It might have been as well perhaps to quote the entire paragraph in which these words appear,* once that hairs are split about the possibly faulty reaction of the Rules? Is it not self-evident, that the words brought forward "only with scientific and philosophical subjects" are inserted as a necessary caution to true theosophists, who by dealing with politics within any Branch Society might bring disgrace and ruin on the whole body,-in India to begin with?  Has the Society or has it not over 140 Societies scattered through four parts of the World to take care of? As in the case of "Mahatmas" and the "Mahatmaship"-active work of the Theosophical Society is confused-willingly or otherwise it is not for the writer to decide-with Theosophy. No need of entering here upon the difference between the jar that contains a liquid and the nature of, or that liquid itself. "Theosophy teaches self-culture and not control," we are told. Theosophy teaches mutual-culture before self-culture to begin with. Union is strength. It is by gathering many theosophists of the same way of thinking into one or more groups, and making them closely united by the same magnetic bond of fraternal unity and sympathy that the objects of mutual development and progress in Theosophical thought may be best achieved. "Self-culture" is for isolated Hatha Yogis, independent of any Society and having to avoid association with human beings; and this is a triply distilled SELFISHNESS. "
Footnote the rules in 1886: 
"* "XIV. The Society having to deal only with scientific and philosophical subjects, and having Branches in different parts of the world under various forms of Government, does not permit its members, as such, to interfere with politics, and repudiates any attempt on the part of anyone to commit it in favor or against any political party or measure. Violation of this rule will meet with expulsion." 
This rather alters the complexion put on the charge, which seems conveniently to forget that "scientific and philosophical subjects" are not the only declared objects of the Society. Let us not leave room for a doubt that there is more animus underlying the charges than would be strictly theosophical. "

This rule was written two years after A. O. Hume's creation of the National Congress of India.

- Now, saying that the promotion of the Theosophical Society has nothing to do with the fact that theosohical teachings are PRESCIEBED, can clearly be rejected. Handsome is who handsome does.
- And saying that the acceptance of Annie Besants and other highranking theosophists involvement with party politics has in no manner what so ever been a disgrace and ruin to the Society and the assistence of the Masters - must also until further notice clearly be rejected. Handsome is who handsome does. But how to help promoting the TS, when it keeps blurring its relations to party politics and its relation to the National Congress of India and Annie Besants political doings, as well as Saviour in the flesh doings?
- Can SELF-culture in the TS be anything good today? The Culture of India is not the only one. 

See also H. P. Blavatsky - from the same article as in above:  
"That which was generated through and founded by the "High Masters" and under their authority if not their instruction-MUST AND WILL LIVE. Each of us and all will receive his or her Karma in it, but the vehicle of Theosophy will stand indestructible and undestroyed by the hand of whether man or fiend. No; "truth does not depend on show of hands"; but in the case of the much-abused President-Founder it must depend on the show of facts. Thorny and full of pitfalls was the steep path he had to climb up alone and unaided for the first years. Terrible was the opposition outside the Society he had to build-sickening and disheartening the treachery he often encountered within the Head-Quarters. Enemies gnashing their teeth in his face around, those whom he regarded as his staunchest friends and co-workers betraying him and the Cause on the slightest provocation. Still, where hundreds in his place would have collapsed and given up the whole undertaking in despair, he, unmoved and unmovable, went on climbing up and toiling as before, unrelenting and undismayed, supported by that one thought and conviction that he was doing his duty. What other inducement has the Founder ever had, but his theosophical pledge and the sense of his duty toward THOSE he had promised to serve to the end of his life? There was but one beacon for him-the hand that had first pointed to him his way up: the hand of the MASTER he loves and reveres so well, and serves so devotedly though occasionally perhaps, unwisely. President elected for life, he has nevertheless offered more than once to resign in favour of any one found worthier than him, but was never permitted to do so by the majority-not of "show of hands" but show of hearts, literally,-as few are more beloved than he is even by most of those, who may criticise occasionally his actions. And this is only natural: for cleverer in administrative capacities, more learned in philosophy, subtler in casuistry, in metaphysics or daily life policy, there may be many around him; but the whole globe may be searched through and through and no one found stauncher to his friends, truer to his word, or more devoted to real, practical theosophy-than the President-Founder; and these are the chief requisites in a leader of such a movement-one that aims to become a Brotherhood of men. The Society needs no Loyolas; it has to shun anything approaching casuistry; nor ought we to tolerate too subtle casuists. "

This can be compared with Radha Burniers role and past TS leaders merits and roles - and the fact that she is not together with mere puppets in the General Counsil. We are talking about living human beings, with heart and head. 

Yet, I dear say A leading group, who CLEARLY find the promotion of the Theosophical Society to be in accordance with Annie Besant, and not in accordance with H. P. Blavatsky's wishes about seeking back to the original lines of the Society. If not, I find they aught to explain themselves like H. P. Blavatsky did in 1886 in the above quoted article given in Lucifer in 1888? - Or we can say HPB at least gave this letter to the present day Society for consideration. 

For the humans live in the now, the Masters to a certian degree in both in the past, present, and future, the Avatâra lives fully in both past, present and future. - The Divine is within you, said Blavatsky. And I do say the same, and can confirm it. 

Another and far more important issue to deal with than several other trivialities is the fact, that the Theosophical Society as it stands today is merely being laughed at to the skies by several authors, religious sceptics, all around the Internet. People, science and religious leaders laugh at the "Coulomb-Hodgson HPB", the Annie Besant politician, the "non-healing" J. Krishnamurti saviour in the flesh, the sex-fumbling Leadbeater, and their attitude towards all the various offshoots and branches including the ULT, Pasadens TS, the Alice A. Bailey - "UN World Saviour", The Summit Lighthouse that went out, and many others. All this because the mother Society has not been true to its own teachings.

>>> The TS has to come clean on the scandals and call them for what they are scandals or not! <<<

The Exoteric Section need to be rejecting people seeking membership much more at the doorstep and thereby seek to protect the Original Lines of the Society's AIMS. And this without any "Coulomb-Hodgson" scandal, party politics, world saviours or "Asylum Messiah's" in the flesh, or sex-fumblers to hamper its cause.

The TS has to come clean on the scandals and call them for what they are scandals or not!
And the TS has to address the Wisdoms Teachings of all Ages in a mature manner relating them to our present time. - How can a good Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Mohammadan follow his religion without rejecting politics with human made laws as low-ethics? Mankinds ethics comes from within. This who are interested in a political-religious society aught to be rejected at the doorstep if they seek to be members of the TS. The members of the TS aught to concentrate on Methaphysical, philosophical, Scinece and religions teachings, and not political entanglements.

Now you tell me, if I am in error.
Because I might have overlooked something.

M. Sufilight

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