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Shift in racial and ethnic composition in the USA and future of theosophy

Mar 29, 2010 05:29 AM
by MKR

TS, in the past known to be in the leading edge of  important changes. In a
recent article, it was pointed out that in the USA, there is a shift in
racial and ethnic composition. It is expected that this year, births to
Asian, black and Hispanic women would reach 50% bench mark.

The composition of membership and leaders in TSA does not reflect the
general population and it seems not enough attempt is made to attract the
'minoritiesâ and that is where future lies. TSA is yet to have a 'minorityâ
as President even though it came very close with the Bing Escuderoâs
unsuccessful candidacy after which there was a setback due to tightening up
of the bylaws. With the continued closing of lodges and lack of
representation of the population, TS may be left behind because minorities
may be more receptive of receiving theosophy when presented by minorities.
Something to think about. Here is an excerpt from the article:

âIn the latest sign of the nation's shifting racial and ethnic composition,
births to Asian, black and Hispanic women in the United States are on the
verge of surpassing births to non-Hispanic whites.

Minorities accounted for 48 percent of all births in the nation in the 12
months that ended in July 2008. While it will most likely take years for
health statisticians to confirm precisely when the 50 percent benchmark will
have been reached, demographers said it could occur this year. Depending on
variables like the recession, which has depressed birth rates, it will
almost certainly happen within a year or two, they said.

''It looks like 'majority' births would drop below 50 percent around 2012,''
said Carl Haub, senior demographer for the Population Reference Bureau.â

Full article at:



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