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Olcott School in Adyar

Mar 27, 2010 09:39 PM
by MKR

One of the landmarks of the contribution of HSO, was the establishment of a
school for the poor kids near Adyar. Here is a link to the school website
and some of the articles cited in it tells a lot about him. While his prime
job in moving to India, was to further the interests of TS, he did not
forget that service to our fellow human beings is a critical part of his

Any one aspiring to become a future head of TS in his foot steps, would do
well to read about his contributions and achievements before trying to
compare themselves to him. That should convince anyone why the Founders
chose him and HPB to lead the charge of establishing and expanding the TS
and spreading theosophy around the world.

Here is the URL for the school:



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