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Orlando Lodge Update

Mar 24, 2010 10:31 AM
by MKR

>From long time member of TSA, I received info on Orlando Lodge, I am quoting

âWe recieved an offical notice dated March 3, from Betty Bland stating
that she has closed Orlando Lodge, couched in all of the necessary legal

It was a total surprise to us when on July 24, 2009 we recieved an
offical letter from Jerome Michel, District Director that there had been
a "long term investigation" of Orlando Lodge. In the letter he made
several very disparaging allegations against us but WITHOUT any type of

We were surprised because NO member of Orlando Lodge had been
interviewed or contacted by their "investigators." And NO Director has
ever visited Orlando Lodge. Point is they do not know us, they have
never been here and they did not speak to us.

We were also surprised because NO member of Orlando Lodge had been a
party to their alleged complaints. And there has been NO internal dissention
Orlando Lodge. We have been and still are united and harmonious.â

MKR comment:

Obviously, the Board has made a decision to close the lodge. The official
comment we have seen indicates that the matter is under litigation.

It is important for the membership in USA to know what were the violations
of law or rule or bylaw of TS or TSA which led to the decision. Members also
are aware of the underlying real estate.

Members also would like to know what efforts were made by TSA to officially
notify violations and efforts to fix the violations.

This action may make many lodges with valuable property and money nervous
that they may be next for closure. TSA should establish a red line regarding
violations and a formal process so that violations are addressed in a timely
and transparent manner so that members would see that the lodge and the
members are treated fairly and even handedly and no other extraneous factors
or internecine issues played any part in closure.

Let us see how this whole thing plays out, especially in todayâs Internet
age where bright light is focused so that everyone is able to informed in a
timely manner.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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