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Orlando Lodge charter cancellation - winning the battle and losing the war

Mar 16, 2010 09:44 PM
by MKR

By the unexplained justifications by the American Section in
withdrawing/cancelling the charter of 75 year old Orlando lodge and now
attempting to hide behind âlitigationâ as the reason for silence, the
Section has shot at its own foot. It looks like the Section would end up
winning the battle but losing the moral war.

The indications are that, in todayâs Internet world, bright light shining on
the activities of the American Section, theosophists around the world are
watching how the Section is treating its own members and lodges at a time
when the membership and lodges are not increasing but decreasing and this
does not make any sense.

I hope leadership awakes and realizes the grave significance of the action
against Orlando lodge and the issue is not going to go away easily by


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