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TSA Elected Officials and Lodges

Mar 16, 2010 12:29 PM
by MKR

Recently a question arose if the local district directors who represent our
district have visited our lodge since their election. The answer is no. We
have not seen any of them nor any other elected official during the last
several years. If I were to run into any of them in the street, I would not
recognize them except the National President who was in this city quite
several years ago. By the way, at this time our lodge does not own any real
estate property and hence this lack of interest from the elected officials
may have something to do with this. Usually money talks.

This brings up an important issue. The elected officials who make critical
decisions for TSA and theosophy and the question is simply why they do not
take time to visit the lodges in their âdistrictâ and get to know the lodges
and the members.

In the early days of TS when membership was growing, we find the leaders
traveling and lecturing and this had a very positive effect on the lodges
and had an effect on the membership. Now we have seen for decades, the
membership is going south and it looks like the lack of personal visits by
elected officials and interaction with lodges and members seem to adversely
affect the growth of lodges and members. Apparently, nice scholarly writings
on theosophical magazine and other publications are not helping membership
and lodge growth.

We all are aware of the elaborate attempt to identify how to grow membership
and lodges. Why not try simple methods which have proven their effectiveness
in the past before launching on complex methods whose outcome is unsure.

IMHO, the elected officials by not visiting the lodges in their area are
definitely distancing themselves from the membership whom they are supposed
to serve and represent.


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