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New question about Orlando Decision

Mar 16, 2010 06:51 AM
by MKR

New question about Orlando Decision

When I visited the TSA website, I found there is a Winter Park Study Center
in Orlando. Obviously there is a second group of theosophists in Orlando in
addition to the Orlando lodge whose charter is being cancelled/withdrawn,
and it is reported that it is under litigation.

One wonders if, just like US wanted regime change in Iraq, is it possible
that the reason for the cancellation is to takeover the real estate and hand
it over for use by the Winter Park Study Center, whose members may be more
pro-TSA leadership. This is a question only TSA leaders can clarify and I
hope they do so soon.

As everyone knows, the non-transparent decision regarding Orlando
cancellation is not helping TSA or its leaders or theosophy. In the absence
of very convincing facts about violation of TSA and TS rules by Orlando
Lodge, every lodge in USA with valuable real estate can be at risk at the
whim of the leaders. IMHO, this is not good for theosophy to move forward.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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