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Leap of faith in Orlando Issue

Mar 14, 2010 06:49 PM
by MKR

In another Internet forum, the National Secretary of TSA wrote:

âThe National Secretary of the American Section would like to add the
following comment to this discussion:

According to standard practice there will be no statements issued concerning
unresolved cases under litigation. Just be assured that the entire National
Board of Directors takes action only after careful review. Our primary
interest is to support the strength and health of our groups.â

I pondered over the above statement of the National Secretary. There are
several issues with it. Firstly, National Secretary is a paid employee of
TSA and hence his job is at the whim of the TSA administration so he is not
free to speak his mind. Secondly, he put out a statement most likely vetted
by the leadership and the legal counsel. So this raises other questions.

Are the members expected take leap of faith on the above?

Let us look at the Boston Lodge episode. Even after the litigation was over,
was there a detailed report to the membership as to what the real issues
that triggered the problem with the Boston Lodge? I do not recall seeing
one. If there is one, revisiting it would be very educational for all

In addition, todayâs situation with the background International Election
and the allegations regarding the health of Radhaji and the ultra secret
attempt from Wheaton to disenfranchise all of us and seize control of the
appointment of President by the GC members, brings to my mind the famous
Russian Proverb - Trust but Verify. Thus a âleap of faithâ based on the
above statement by the National Secretary is extremely difficult for many

I think leadership should immediately consult their legal counsel and tell
the counsel that silence on the issue is not a wise option, since litigation
tend to be protracted and expensive, and long silence will not be helpful
either to the Board Members or TSA or theosophical movement in USA.

A quick closure is needed with full convincing information on specific
violations of the bylaws of TSA or rules of TS that forced the Board to
cancel of Orlando lodge charter be provided to the membership. In the
Internet Age, where it is very difficult to control flow and broadcast of
information and discussion and speculation can be quite damaging..

Anyone who has dealt with membership organizations and the public will
confirm that in situations like this, quick and full disclosure is needed to
put the issues at rest or else it generally hurts the leaders and the
organization and any such damage is likely to be long lasting and not easy
to fix in the short run. This should be seen in the light of the fact that
current membership is about the half of what it was some decades ago and has
not shown any significant growth in recent decades.

I hope TSA is monitoring this maillist and acts quickly in the best
interests of TSA and theosophy.


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