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Orlando Issue

Mar 14, 2010 02:01 PM
by MKR

The Orlando issue following the election events and its aftermath in recent
years, brings into focus the issue of lack of transparency. When important
issues such as withdrawal of charter are concerned, usually we may see a
one-liner in the list of decisions taken in the Board Meeting.

As I recall, when the Boston litigation took place, no meaningful details or
information was shared with members either before, during or after the
litigation. Due to general indifference of membership for the organizational
matters, it looks like the administration takes membership for granted and
keeping them in the dark goes unquestioned.

At a time when membership is nearly half of what used to be couple of
decades ago, withdrawing charters of long standing active lodges such as
Orlando Lodge does not make sense. It is the responsibility of TSA to make
theosophy more popular and one would expect it to make every effort to help
lodges expand their activities and thus membership.

In the recent âofficialâ statement from the TSA National Secretary,
litigation was cited for not commenting on Orlando issue. Is it also
possible that actions are under way to cancel charters of other lodges with
valuable real estate is the real reason for the silence taking cover under

On the one hand, you receive solicitations for donations as well as
inclusion of TSA in the will bequests, it does not make sense in not
providing transparency which prevents members to see for themselves that the
actions of the Board are justified and support the Board in their decisions.

It is time for the administration to wake up to the reality of Internet age
and prevent further erosion of confidence in the minds of many members.


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