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Re: Theos-World O.T. * My intro with first post + research into the intuitive uses of frequency

Mar 14, 2010 12:32 PM
by Augoeides-222

I recall that I read some years back the website your primarily pointing too. At the time I personally did not want to volunteer to be an experiencer of his research becuase I had reservations about becoming "entrained" , I had considerations from other arena's such as UFO experiencer's and also becuase I felt the overall enviromment id much deeper than most people realize. here are some of my basis for standing back until I know more. 

Peter Gariaev researcher on Photonic Bio-wave reality in regards to Non-local Quantum Matrix -- superluminal photonic communication by DNA and all Cells to and from the 8th Consciousness 

DNA Bio-wave Computer 


Gariaev 06 The Wave and genetic Response 


A Proposal for Inferential Orbital Evidence of the Phantom DNA Effect 


Gariaev - The Wave Genetics as Reality 


Dirk Laureyssens - Cosmology - Tunity - the Theory of pelastrating Universe 


Also There used to be several sites having content regarding the research of Jaques Benveniste who researched the " Chiropractic Dilution Phenomena" and located similar magnetic reality to Gariaev's and Poponin's research and the revelations of the Phantom DNA Phenomena 

Phantom DNA Phenomena 


I myself entertain the idea that there are other co-static , simultaneous, holographic dimensional reality's of other consciousness streams that have, when certain conditions are met, possibility of interactions with the realm of our human universal earth stream of consciousness. One old conveyance is " The Secret Comnonwealth - Kingdom of the Sidhe" a work about the other realm according to Celtic Traditions. There are many traditions people used to explain direct experiences. Not all were good experiences. Once "Rapport" can be established with another realm it can be difficult to break. Caution is prudent. 

Kingdom of the Sidhe - Google Books (Free download) 

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Subject: Theos-World O.T. * My intro with first post + research into the intuitive uses of frequency 

Greetings fellow members of the Theosophy, theos-talk group... 

I am enjoying the information of this group so far and I would like to contribute something hopefully interesting for the group. Just to explain a little about myself... 

I am dedicated to following a path of investigation into all forms of science involved in the anomalous and obscure. I am an independent researcher with interests in science, psychology, parapsychology, metaphysics, astrology, as well as spirituality, anthropology, naturopathic health and healing. 

To contribute some of my most recent of findings I'd like to share something that I feel could be of quite an interest to many fellow theosophy believers/ practitioners and members here. If the use of resonant entrainment is interest then please read on. I believe entrainment can be used as a tool to help rewire the brain to think and act more constructively. 

Lately I have utilizing and researching the effects of Sound Frequencies/ Resonant Entrainment... to better understand, "unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man." 

The subjects and practice has been around for a long time as some may already know. People within the psychic, scientific and spiritual communities have been using them. Just like Tibetan monks musical chanting and instrumental uses that have been known to generate specific tones and frequencies with anomalous effectsâ I have looked into what this new form of entrainment has different from the others that are somewhat like it such as binaural beats and rife frequencies. I have found that this particular form has gotten the most dramatic effects of entrainment that I have heard of to date. 

A scientist who I found recently generates a new kind of frequency that utilizes geometrical forms in sound. The scientist is looking to `test' subjects to try out a new track that he's released to be tried out by intelligent members of communities online. 

This is where the track can be found: 

His work is quite novel as he is extremely dedicated to all sorts and forms of fringe topic science and the likeâhe has studied NLP, he started out in computing sciences and has been working on hisresonant entrainment technology for 10 years now. - here's a summary written by the developerâthere are more notes within the group explaining the science and evidence as well. 

I think that the type of people in this group will probably be open to the type of work and would give some interesting and intelligent response. 

After reading other people's reactions in the group, the people who have come by and tested them out seem to be very happy with the results already. 

I have seen the reports coming in and it's astounding. 

People are talking about sensing presences in the room when they use a particular sound frequency track. 

There's also a bunch of information on how to use it properly in other messages in the group as well. 

(If my post of this link does not suit the owner of this groups intentions then please feel free to delete it or modify it by removing this link. I am only posting this for the information purposes and in no way want to deflect any attention away from this group, I think this should be considered quite news worthy and I mean no offense). 

This group is but one of many useful Yahoo groups that I have come across as of late and they all seem to be working in tandem with other forms of scientific practices and shared knowledge, just like the one we are a part of here. 

The frequency apparently emulates the experience of the `entheogen' (sacred plant) Salvia Divinorum which has been used by indigenous cultures for divinatory visions and shamanistic journeying. Here's a link to explain what I mean by entheogen. 

I know that some people take this plant as a `drug', and it seems to have become popular as of late, but there are still cultures of people who hold it in reverence for its potent effects on the psyche, which to them has importance in spiritual practice and learning. 

Here's a link about salvia 

And psychoacoustics are explained somewhat here: 

Doc Starz seems to have created a new kind of psychoacoustic that `emulates' a part of the experience of ingesting the psychoactive plant while keeping you safe to explore the entheogenic and mind exploring effects. 

I have definitely noticed that the one found in this group sound and FEEL very different from the more popular binaural beatsâand have been told that it is quite different from the more well known rife frequency technology.. 

The effects can be very dramatic or very mild, which can apparently be dependent on the day or the person. I have read the reports from other people in the group, be it scientist, spiritualist, or be it your plain old regular Joe, there have been definite reactions. 

For me when I experienced the downloadable sound frequency track I had a very strange visual and sensory experience unlike any other I have had before, especially not with just an audio track. Many have found the track to be calming while others found it energizing. All experiences that are above normal and anomalous are always enjoyable. 

If anyone else has heard of Doc Starz's work or has tried them out it's be interesting to compare experiences. 


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