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Against the modern world: Traditionalism and the secret intellectual history

Mar 14, 2010 09:02 AM
by Noel vasco

A book by Mark Sedgwick published 2004

On page 44: "The spread of Theosophy owed much to the extraordinary success of two books, Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine, (1888). Autorship of both books was attibuted to etereal sources, but both were in fact drafted by Blavatsky and then turned into publishable form by human "ghost" writers -by Olcott in the case of Isis Unveiled, and in the case of The Secret Doctrine by two english brothers who took over after Blavatsky original choice of editor had refused the task in dismay on reading her disorganized firt draft. Both books did in a sense reflect the Theosophical Society´s original intention to search "the books of Hermes and the Vedas", but not in any scientific spirit. Isis Unveiled was extensively plagiarized from a variety of standard works on occultism and hermeticism (143 pages from Samuel Dunlap´s Sod, the son of man, 107 pages from Joseph Ennemoser´s History of Magic, and so on), While The Secret Doctrine drew heavely on
 John Dowson´s Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mithology and Religion and Horace Wilson´s annotated translation of the Vishnu Purana, and other such works. This plagiarism was of a piece with Tuitit Bey Letters to Olcott, as well as with Blavatsky,s claimed association with  fictional Tibetan Mahatmas (initiated adepts) of a "Great White Brotherhood" evidently inspired by the novels of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton (...), and with Blavatsky compulsive manufacturing of paranormal fenomena during seances. This fraudulent activities were exposed in 1884...."

While some of this yahoo group direct intentional attacks on specific targets, forget what they say to defend. Defend theosophy, defend Blavatsky of this un-inform statements...

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