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Questions about Orlando Lodge Decision

Mar 14, 2010 06:40 AM
by MKR

In another Internet forum, the National Secretary of TSA wrote:

âThe National Secretary of the American Section would like to add the
following comment to this discussion:

According to standard practice there will be no statements issued concerning
unresolved cases under litigation. Just be assured that the entire National
Board of Directors takes action only after careful review. Our primary
interest is to support the strength and health of our groups.â

The unanswered questions are:

1. Did the National President visit the Lodge in the last 12 months and
discuss with the lodge officers and members, the issues that the Board
considered serious enough to lead to withdrawal/cancellation of charter? If
not why not? Closing a 75 year old lodge is a serious matter and not a
trivial one.

2. If there were issues that need to be fixed, was the lodge notified in
writing about it and told the lodge to fix them within a certain time frame
or else it may lead to withdrawal of charter?

3. What other due process was provided to the lodge so that not only they
were treated even handedly and will be seen by TSA members that the lodge
was treated even handedly and not take the decisions of the Board in blind

4. What role the valuable property owned by the lodge played in the

5. What other âsupportâ in terms of lecturers, program planning and other
resources were provided to the lodge in the last 12 months to strengthen the
lodge and build up the membership? If not, why not?

6. Who started the litigation first? TSA or the Lodge. Has a suit been filed
and if so where? Any suit is a public information and is there for everyone
to see.

7. Has any of the past officers of TSA played any part in the decision?

8. Why were not the members of TSA promptly notified of the decision to
withdraw the charter? Internet can be used for dissemination of information.

9. Disclosure of the red-line that lodge crossed which led to the withdrawal
of the charter should be a public information so that all lodges which own
property (pauper lodges need not worry) may be aware of the danger of
crossing it. There are lodges in the country which own very valuable real
estate and they may be tempting target.

Times have changed with Internet. No longer information can be kept under
wraps and any major decision of the Board should be defensible in the public
to retain the trust and confidence members have in the leadership.

Finally, where are the professors, politicians, occultists, meditators,
elders, scholars, theosophists and their surrogates in the who are so
concerned about âwho is mowing the lawn in Adyarâ? They are yet to speak up
on the Orlando matter with the same vigor and passion they have shown about
Adyar matters.


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