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I am mad as hell!!!

Mar 13, 2010 04:44 PM
by Duane Carpenter

Fellow Theosophist.
IÂam mad as hell andÂI am not going to take it any more Theosophical Branch has formally been announced on this site.
ÂThis is no joke and I am not trying to be funny or humorous here. 
TS National is able to pull these immoral and unethical seizure of assets because the different independent lodges donât work together to protect themselves. Forget the TS Nationals registerÂof smaller lodges and what they deem is important. There needs to be created a new entity where all lodges are in touch and communicating not simply for teaching purposes but for mutual protection.
TS National just picks one off here and one off there and nobody want to get involved because itâs not them. And none of these independent lodges have the resources or the technical skill to outmaneuver the Great Juggernaut from Wheaten. I recall in the initial lawsuit that the Boston Lodge had no funds to defend itself and our attorney worked for almost a year for free and without the last minute help of a retired circuit judge Paul Garrity who with a lifetime of legal skill found some flaw in Nationals action against the Boston lodge and miraculously turned the tables. 
All of the legal actions by National against smaller independent lodges should be collectedÂand made available for all the other lodges to peruse. 
These simple ideas that I have outlined may seem unspiritual to some who prefer the status quo and want to keep there heads buried in the proverbial sand to others it may have a ring of truth and inspire some of the lodges to move beyond there lethargy and indifference get current, get active and Âmost of all get involved.!!!
ÂÂÂ Is there any website that lists all the separate lodges and where they can be contacted? Who out there in Theosophy-land has the ability to pull togetherÂsome simple but important forum for these grievances? What would the Great Madam Blavatsky have to say about all of these seizures?
Since the loss of our Âcharter at Boston I personally with other fellow Theosophist made a decision to create something that could get the teachings out to a wider area of influence without any bureaucratic oversight by people who you simply didât trust and create a forum for the works of HPB and other theosophical teachers. This forum which has changed and grown over the years is now called 
http://light-weaver.comÂÂÂ; doesÂnot have a single item to sell, no fees are charged. This site showcases not only western Esotericism but eastern Mysticism as well. I am not saying this site is for everyone or that there may not be many other better alternatives.
This site receives 70,000 visitors each month and is growing exponentially from only 3 years since its inception on the Internet.Â
I invite fellow theosophists to visit this site just to see where Theosophy in its many forms and forums can go and have a positive influence in the world.
It is a sad thing to see Theosophical principals being openly and blatantly violated but it is even sadder to see these injustices perpetuated upon a group or groups of people who refuse to fight back. People whose only crime was that they believed that the Great Mother ship National was there ally and friend. People who's only failure was a lifetime of teaching Theosophy and were in spite of vague allegations simply doing the right thing. Shame on National for losing there spiritual guidance and shame on those of us who do not think these teachings are not worth fighting for. The great HP Blavatsky would not in my opinion have said âI am mad as hell and I am not going to take it any moreâ because she would not have tolerated all these violations and infractions right from the start.!!!

From: MKR <>
To: theos-talk <>
Sent: Sat, March 13, 2010 12:44:30 PM
Subject: Theos-World Efforts to expand Internet use in the USA

TS, in the early days, with greatest difficulty made great progress because
its ideas were at the leading edge. Even today, in the contentious current
conditions around the world, many of its ideas are leading edge. All it
needs is to spread them thru modern tools that are available. Internet is
the leading tool of communication in today's world. But, I am sorry to say,
TS is behind the curve and much of it can be traced to victorian thinking of
the aging leadership which does not fully understand Internet and its
current and future potential. If TS does not make full use of this tool, it
would be missing a great opportunity and possibly another organization -
formal or informal will take up the task. I am sure that the Founders have a
plan B, because too much is at stake in the future welfare of the humanity.
By the way, a simple example is how current information about important
events in the theosophical world is being distributed. It is by independent
maillists such as theos-talk and not from any official source.

Here is an interesting take on what is going on in Washington:

<http://www.nytimes. com/2010/ 03/13/business/ media/13fcc. html?th&emc= th>


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