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Efforts to expand Internet use in the USA

Mar 13, 2010 09:44 AM
by MKR

TS, in the early days, with greatest difficulty made great progress because
its ideas were at the leading edge. Even today, in the contentious current
conditions around the world, many of its ideas are leading edge. All it
needs is to spread them thru modern tools that are available. Internet is
the leading tool of communication in today's world. But, I am sorry to say,
TS is behind the curve and much of it can be traced to victorian thinking of
the aging leadership which does not fully understand Internet and its
current and future potential. If TS does not make full use of this tool, it
would be missing a great opportunity and possibly another organization -
formal or informal will take up the task. I am sure that the Founders have a
plan B, because too much is at stake in the future welfare of the humanity.
By the way, a simple example is how current information about important
events in the theosophical world is being distributed. It is by independent
maillists such as theos-talk and not from any official source.

Here is an interesting take on what is going on in Washington:



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