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Mar 12, 2010 02:35 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Dear fellow Theosophists
I have personally talked with William Delahunt and can verify his sincerity and integrity in this controversy over the loss of assets and the Orlando charter.ÂI have also perused all of their programs past and presentÂand do not see anything that could vaguely be misconstrued as compromising or in conflict with good solid Theosophical principals. Compared to the many lodges I have visited over the years their workÂwould definitely fall into the more conservative end of things and clearly keeping with the original guidelines of their Theosophical charter.
 Since National refuses to involve themselves in any type of explanation one can only assume the worst.ÂÂIf you do not argue your case openly and with important documentation you loose by default. TS National may be able to score a financial victory here but they will loose the moral one that is the most important in the long term.ÂI have offered my assistance to the Orlando lodge since I have been down this road before.
 National for all of there previous good workÂin the past Âin my opinion are on the down side of there effectiveness and will continue with their decline slowly sliding into a type of moral and spiritual recession. There strongest work may be in disseminating the books and basic Theosophical information. They are clearly loosing there spiritual authority.ÂMany think the power of Theosophy is situated at there headquarters but times are changing and the major influence of Theosophy is shifting away from large organizational institutions and into a more organic ground roots influence facilitated by theÂweb and the high speed information highway. They have played there part historically but it may be the responsibility of people like ourselves to take these teachings to a wider audience. 
 When the Theosophical Charter was revoked from the Boston lodge. We went through several stages. First disbelief, then outright shock, anger and a sense of betrayal,Âthen a search for some practical solution and finally a soul search of what is true Theosophy. Our basic conclusion after the legal action was resolved was that Theosophy in essence resides in men's minds and hearts and not some overly bureaucratic institution. Adversity may in the final analysisÂonly stimulate true Theosophists into some new type ofÂactivity and interests.ÂThe suggestions that Theos-talk and other sites of this quality be open to new experiments and ways of communicating is in my opinion how Theosophy can take some new and diverse avenues of expression for the benefit of all. Here on the broad plane of the Internet we are all equal and all have a chance to share our views without some bureaucratic oversight or guidelines. Freedom and democracy may be just
 vague ideals to some or they may be alive and well demanding and new and more creative forms of expression. 

Sincerely Duane Carpenter

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Sent: Fri, March 12, 2010 1:36:30 AM




The Orlando lodge has been in a quarrel with the USA section of the TS Adyar for years now.


The Orlando Lodge has NOT been in a quarrel with the USA Section for years. We have quietly carried on a program of Quality Theosophical programs. We HAVE been Highly critical of Mrs. Blands deceptive
electioneering tactics in the past Presidential election.


They are representing this as a surprise, but they contacted me a few years ago - and I contacted Betty back then. I don't remember the details, but I do remember that their story made much less sense than Betty's. The fact that
they're playing as though this is a surprise is an indication that they're not being precisely fair and open.


You can't remember Katinka, because we have NEVER contacted you. That is an outright LIE.At the time of the presidential election we posted a comment on your election website that is all. We have nothing to hide. The fact is that the TSA Board of Directors did NOT contact ANY of us. There was NO interview with our membership nor did they visit us. We have NOT violated ANY 
policies or T.S. Rules. 


I agree this kind of thing is sad. I'm sure Betty herself would agree to that as well. But I also know that the Orlando lodge had their chance and a LOT of time to clean things up. Apparently they didn't.
It's the sad job of the national section to get rid of lodges like that.


You are basing your assumptions on the premise that there was "something to clean up" There was NOTHING to "clean up" and we had NO
prior warnings or knowledge of anything amiss. Your innuendos with comments like these are just the thing that starts the gossip and rumor mills.


BTW - even if I remembered the details, or bothered to look them up, I still don't think anything would be served by publishing them here. The only result would be for the members of that lodge to feel offended at being outed publicly.
It would take a private online forum for that kind of openness to be fair to all involved.


We Challenge you Katinka to go ahead and "Look up your forgotten details." Because you don't have any from us. Lets see what you can fabricate. 

We are offended by the innuendos that you are promoting. We have NO
fear of "Being oouted" for anything
because we have NOTHING to be ashamed of. IF you want to make public statements about us however
you had better have solid evidence and documentation. We Challenge YOu Katinka. The National Board of Directors of TSA. has NO documentation of fabricated allegations against us.

Katinka we are surprised by your unbrotherly comments and innuendos
you have judged us guilty without knowing anything factual.


William Delahunt;
Orlando Lodge

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