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Need for transparency in Orlando Lodge decision

Mar 11, 2010 08:47 PM
by MKR

Why transparency and simple justification is needed in charter cancellation
for Orlando Lodge

Very little is known about the problems and rule violations which led to the
decision by TSA to cancel/withdraw the charter to the 75 year old Orlando
Lodge. Another important underlying fact is that the lodge owns property
which, once the charter withdrawal/cancellation is final will be owned by
TSA which in most likely hood would sell and keep it as cash.

In the absence of a convincing set of reasons why the violations which led
to the cancellation of the charter were serious enough and could not be
resolved satisfactorily by interaction between the National Leaders and
Lodge leaders and members, the only conclusion one can reach is that the
decision was arbitrary and was driven to take over the real estate assets of
the lodge.

If the Orlando lodge decision cannot be transparently explained to the
members nation wide, there is going to be serious long term consequences in
the way lodges operate. Since the decision will be seen as a unilateral and
arbitrary one driven by the need to take over the lodge assets by the
National Section, lodges will become apprehensive in their planning for
building lodge assets in future. This will lead to the lodges structuring
the asset holding in such a manner that in the event of withdrawal or
cancellation of lodge charter, the assets will not automatically pass on to
the National Section.  Any competent lawyer can help plan a structure to
meet this objective. Such a trend will have its own drawbacks; but which may
be seen as a bulwark against arbitrary withdrawal of charter and
appropriation of the lodge assets.

So it is time for the leaders to wake up and do the right thing in the long
term best interests of TS and theosophy.


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