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Some thoughts on Orlando Situation

Mar 11, 2010 07:30 AM
by MKR

Some thoughts on Orlando Situation

All entrepreneurs know how important first hand personal contact is in both
growing an organization as well resolving problems and preventing potential

While TS may not be like a typical organization, all one needs is to read
the history of early days. The founders, especially Olcott was frequently
traveling around the world both in launching new branches as well as
nurturing and resolving problems in lodges. This was in the days when
traveling was not easy.

We have talked about this in the past. I had cited the example of Sam
Walton, the founder of Walmart, worldâs largest employer and largest grocer.
He made it a point of personally visiting each store at least once a year to
get a first hand idea of how the store is doing.

This example can be copied by leaders of any organization, including TS. As
a start, this could have been done in the USA. Most lodges rarely see any of
the elected leaders and thus elected leaders do not have first hand idea of
what is going on in the branches.

Even in Orlando lodge case, it appears none of the top elected leaders have
recently visited to investigate and discuss first hand the problems in the
lodge. Why this was not done is a mystery. Withdrawal of the charter from a
lodge which has been in operation for 75 years in a large city such as
Orlando is a serious one especially when the membership is not growing.

For an ordinary member, it looks like the property of the lodge has played a
part in the decision. When property and money are involved, soon there is a
conflict, lawyers come in and make good money. We do not know whether
already lawyers are working for either or both parties. When lawyers get
paid, money that should go to spread the message of theosophy, instead gets

In the days before Internet, members around the country and world  knew very
little about issues such as the Orlando lodge since the lines of
communication with members was controlled by the organizationâs  leaders.
Now with Internet, there is a need for greater transparency and such
transparency can only help the organization and its leaders and avoid wild
speculation by members which cannot help either TS or its leaders.


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