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Still waiting for answers on the Orlando Lodge situation!!!

Mar 10, 2010 06:12 PM
by Duane Carpenter

From: Spirituality <mail@katinkahesseli>
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Sent: Wed, March 10, 2010 12:30:10 

Before we get into this in any depth let me say Katinka that I appreciate your important contribution on Theosophy and lifetime dedication to this important work. There is some additional clarification I need on this Orlando subject. I have outlined my questions after your statements in brackets in the following email and texts of yours.
Hi Ramadoss and others,

The Orlando lodge has been in a quarrel with the USA section of the TS Adyar for years now. They are representing this as a surprise, but they contacted me a few years ago - and I contacted Betty back then. I don't remember the details, but I do remember that their story made much less sense than Betty's. The fact that they're playing as though this is a surprise is an indication that they're not being precisely fair and open.
DC (Thank you for this detail but it would be more helpful if you could clarify what the issues were and what position each participant or party played. To say you do not remember the details but Bettyâs story made more sense is not sufficient proof of any potential allegations. I say potential since nothing has yet been revealed about what infractions may have occurred to have there charter removed. Please clarify these statements since we are talking about the charter of an important Lodge and the integrity of many people is at stake here. They should know the charges as well as the rest of us here at theos-talk. Transparency is Transparency) 

I agree this kind of thing is sad. I'm sure Betty herself would agree to that as well. 
But I also know that the Orlando lodge had their chance and a LOT of time to clean things up. Apparently they didn't. 
DC (What is even sadder is not knowing the circumstances around these hidden allegations. Here in America with all its flaws there is at least an attempt to have a hearing in which both sides can communicate there grievances).

It's the sad job of the national section to get rid of lodges like that. 
DC (You say it is a sad job to get rid of lodges like that Âplease be more specific.)

BTW - even if I remembered the details, or bothered to look them up, I still don't think anything would be served by publishing them here. 
DC Â(Dear Katinka it is not your Lodge that is being shut down nor your assets seized please let the participants of theos-talk come to there own conclusions).
The only result would be for the members of that lodge to feel offended at being outed publicly. 
DC (Hello - this Orlando lodge already feels offended by having its chartered revoke and potential assets seized.)

It would take a private online forum for that kind of openness to be fair to all involved. 
Katinka Hesselink
ÂDC (It might take a public forum for real openness for all involved.)

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