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Mar 08, 2010 05:34 PM
by MKR

I am very saddened to read the message.

At a time when the membership and lodges have been shrinking, it is very
difficult to understand, especially for ordinary members who are not privy
to what is going on at the top most levels.

This is all the more so coming after all the events we have witnessed
(courtesy of Internet) starting with the electioneering for International
President, which has hurt the credibility of many theosophists and leaders,
can only hurt the future growth of TS in America and the spread of theosophy
for the masses in America. Deeds speak for themselves and members are
intelligent enough to make up their own mind.

When other lodges lodges, especially those who own valuable property and
money in the bank, would be wondering who is next in line.

In an earlier message on theos-talk, I mentioned the shocking fact that the
issue of declining or frozen membership outside India  never come up in the
last several GC meetings where the cream of professors, politicians, elders,
leaders, occultists, ETC.  met to discuss important issues relating to TS
and its future.

I am hoping that it is NOT a world-wide unwritten long-term future policy of
TS to shrink and reduce the membership outside India and for National
leaders to take control and consolidate the money and assets.

If it is the unwritten long-term policy of TS to shrink and reduce the
membership outside India, then, simple practice of Universal Brotherhood
requires a clear cut announcement by the leaders. This can be done quickly
and at no cost to anyone. We can post the announcement on theos-talk and
other Internet forums for free.

Such an announcement will enable members to know where TS is heading and
decide for themselves how they want to get involved in the TS as we know it.
(Are those talking about the lack of volunteers, listening???)

In the past, many leaders have chosen to keep silent. Silence during the
last two years, with the background of great unnecessary secrecy with which
decisions have been taken at all levels, has not helped TS or Theosophy.
Silence has only given rise to speculation and vigilance on the part of

Only total transparency can help to turn the current tide in the TS. Let us
keep tuned to see what the leaders want to do? Or continue to keep
themselves in their cocoons or start multi-faceted communication with


On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 4:56 PM, t_s_theosophist <>wrote:

> We recieved an offical notice dated March 3, from Betty Bland stating that
> she has closed
> Orlando Lodge, couched in all of the necessary legal terms.
> It was a total surprise to us when on July 24, 2009 we recieved an offical
> letter from Jerome Michel, District Director that there had been a
> "long term investigation" of Orlando Lodge. In the letter he made several
> very disparaging allegations against us but WITHOUT any type of
> documentation.
> We were surprised because NO member of Orlando Lodge had been interviewed
> or contacted by their "investigators." And NO Director has ever visited
> Orlando Lodge. Point is they do not know us, they have never been here and
> they did not speak to us.
> We were also surprised because NO member of Orlando Lodge had been a party
> to their alleged complaints. And there has been NO internal dissention
> within Orlando Lodge. We have been and still are united and harmonious.
> We have been asking, and you may wonder also: "What Type of Investigation
> is carried out
> where the parties concerned are not personally interviewed or the location
> involved not visited???" "What Type of Investigation relies on second hand
> heresay gossip and mis-information???"
> What Type of "Investigation" is This ???
> To take such drastic action to close a Lodge certainly should require a
> certain Investigative protocol ,and solid documentation. What Type of Board
> of Directors "Rubber Stamps' a charade like this?
> We have asked the Administration several times for documentation of their
> allegations
> and have been ignored each time.
> Just as we were totally surprised to hear of an "investigation" of our
> Lodge, YOU TOO may one day get the same "surprise."
> The fact is that the TSA By-Laws do NOT give the National Society ANY
> authority to interfere in the internal affairs of a Autonomous Lodge as long
> as the Lodge is operating congruently with Theosophical Traditions & Ethos.
> Orlando Lodge has always operated within these parameters, and has never
> violated any policies.
> What Type of Investigation is This, We Would Like To Know ?
> There was NO Legitimate Probable Cause for the TSA Board to take such
> drastic action against Orlando Lodge, so in order to proceed with their plan
> they had to Fabricate a "Cause" we are certain that this attempt will reveal
> itself when documentation is provided.
> These draconian actions have a very chilling effect on Freedom of
> Expression, and their intent is to "make an example" and intimidate others
> from speaking out their conscience. We feel that it is important for
> members, potential members & donors to know how this administration actually
> represses respectful dissent.
> We are certain that members and donors do not want their monies wasted on
> political litigation.
> The members, potential members & donors should also keep in mind that these
> are the same people who were complicit in the mis-information Betty Bland
> spread about the health status of Radha Burnier in the last presidential
> election. Betty Blands stated opinion was that Radha was not fit to hold
> office any longer. Mrs. Bland did NOT share with the members the fact that
> three well qualified physicians certified that Mrs. Burnier WAS fit to hold
> office.
> The members, potential members & donors should also keep in mind that Mrs.
> Bland led a covert attempt to dis-enfranchise the worldwide membership from
> voting.
> From the footprints in the sand you can recognize what type of creature
> left its mark, this administration has left a lot of interesting footprints.
> What Type of Investigation Is This???
> We Want To Know.
> You Probably Want To Know Also.
> If you have inquiries...Here are the e-mails for the TSA Board.
> <> (Tim Boyd),
> <> (Nelda Samarel),
> <> (Mo Michel),<>(Lyn Trotman),
> <> (Elwin Barrett),
> <> (Betty Bland),
> <> (Wallace
> Rainey),
> It will be interesting to see IF you get any type of response and what the
> response is.
> Stay Tuned;
> Fraternally;
> William Delahunt, Secretary
> Orlando Lodge
> <>
> ==============================

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