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My psychic, channel, medium or prophet is better then yours.!!!

Mar 08, 2010 12:39 PM
by Duane Carpenter

Someone far wiser thenÂI said this:

"The only principal that can be predicted with any accuracy and truth is that we are all heading, one and all, to a great consummation of Love. You can tap into the periphery of this principle through the astral plane or the anima mundi and make all the predictions you want but this is the only one that will haveÂin the final analysis any long term andÂlasting importance.
Prophecy and the whole idea of seeing into the future has been hijacked and perverted for glamor, power and economicÂadvantage. Most people would not want to know what is coming if they knew the true responsibility involved and what may be the outcome of all this disrespect and avoidance of spiritual principals and truth within the world at this time.ÂLive today fully with compassion, service and tomorrow will take care of itself and if the "whole world shall pass" away and turn into a burning cinderÂwe will still remain as an immortal Âbeam of Light Divine.ÂA swelling indescribably glory in which man will know the future as well as the past and seeÂthem both become lost in the eternal NOW!"


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Chuck the Heretic


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Please forgive me if you have already spoken in light of this topic, I have 
not been on here for months.. I was wondering what you all think about the 
predicted 2012 apocalypse.. I know on a scientific level we are damaging 
Mother Earth, and it only takes so long until there is an after affect..I 
believe on a cyclic level just like Atlantis we could very well be in the 
midsts of something.. There are many people that feel there's a rapid 
social/spiritual transformation "awakening" on a mass scale happening all right 
before a possible cataclysmic event. Anyone's thoughts? 

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