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Info on TS GC Members

Mar 05, 2010 07:37 AM
by MKR

Info on GC Members

The General Council of TS is the highest policy making body. As an ordinary
member, I was looking for the names of the members and their backgrounds .
There was none in any official website.

We all know what lack of transparency started by Annie Besant, has done to
the TS in the recent years triggered by the International Election in 2008.
The lack of transparency is a pervasive problem in TS including its

Availability of such innocuous information such as the names of the GC
members and their bio data cannot hurt anyone. On the other hand, it can
only help to protect the good name of the TS and its members.

Some times people tend to hide their past activities which do  not smell
like a rose. But sooner or later, people find out and they come back to hurt
the organization; especially one like TS which has its motto as There is no
Religion Higher than Truth.

Let me cite an example. More than a decade ago, in the American Section, I
discovered the appointment of an officer at the National level, who was, in
the past, deeply involved in the Krishnamurti Trust controlled by D
Rajagopal. This officer was one of the long-time trustees of the
Krishnamurti Trust.

Everyone knows about the litigation initiated by the Attorney General of
California and joined by Krishnamurti against the Krishnamurti Trust
controlled by Rajagopal when Rajagopal refused to provide accounting of the
money of the Trust to the sole beneficiary - Jiddu Krishnamurti.

When a person (the TSA Officer) with such a background takes extraordinary
care to hide his past long involvement with Krishnamurti and the Trust, does
it smell like a rose to anyone? It may sound like a rose to some of the
leaders in the Section, but not for ordinary members.

Disclosing the list of all GC members along with a biographical data in a
official website is a very good policy. By adding a biographical data of
each one of them will only enhance their stature in the minds of members and
cannot but help TS.

I hope someone is listening. I hope for the day when members can find the
above information with the click of a few keys on their computer.


PS: Everyone, including Governmental and Private bodies, make extensive use
of Internet. Let TS also follow the lead, much like we use all other modern
contrivances to make us all efficient.

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