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Donations to Websites - An Alert

Feb 27, 2010 04:53 PM
by MKR

Donations to Websites - An Alert

Many websites which espouse and support laudable causes solicit donations
from visitors. Most good natured visitors out of generosity of their heart
may be tempted to send in money, small and large,  through online
transactions via Paypal or credit cards.

One of the problems one frequently runs into is lack of information of the
people behind the websites; their real motivations and transparent
accountability of the financial details.

All of us want to support good causes but at the same time make sure that
those running the websites do not end up living lavishly or even misuse the
funds they received due to the generosity and broad heart of the visitors.

Even if audited  financial information is presented, one should take them
with a great amount of salt after having seen the collapse of large
businesses such as Enron etc. and the debacle that caused world-wide
financial recession which has caused untold suffering to many families out
of employment. Creative and clever accountants can and do disguise and hide
questionable expenses and the accounting statements can be misleading and

The only sure protection in making sure our hard earned money is well spent
in laudable causes is to be alert and vigilant and make sure you dig up and
find out as much as possible about the backgrounds of the real people behind
the websites and see if one can find their real motivations.


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