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Belated Adyar Day - 2/17

Feb 22, 2010 08:55 AM
by ramadoss226

Every year, 17th February is celebrated as Adyar Day. It was also the
day when Jiddu Krishnamurti passed away. I just forgot about the 17th
and remembered it today.

Many members look to Adyar and the various key events that took place
during the launch of TS and its spread. Others may look at it as
buildings and roads and trees and it is their choice.

Be whatever one's viewpoint is, the key fact is that Adyar was the focus
of tremendous activity over the years, mostly by volunteers who gave
their life blood and built it up. Are the salaried priest and high paid
employees of TS, listening???

All our gratitude is due to these volunteers who are responsible for all
the valuable materials we are privileged to have access to and they have
transformed the lives of many theosophists and continues to do so, in
spite all the cleavage we have seen in the TS world-wide.

It is also traditionally a day when anyone wants to support Adyar
financially send in whatever they can.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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