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Feb 22, 2010 08:33 AM
by MKR

It is sad when you see information such as this. In all cases, the
underlying issue seems to be money and property. We have seen properties
sold and money retained at the HQ. It is very easy to sell property and all
it needs is a phone call to a realtor. It is awfully difficult to start a
new branch and make it a vibrant one.

As of now members do not know the full story behind the Orlando issue.
Orlando being an important and large city, I wonder if any of the National
leaders made any effort to personally visit and understand the problems and
resolve them.

Olcott, was a very experienced lawyer and administrator, who was also life
time President and with almost unlimited powers to do what he wants; but he
knew difficult and complex problems cannot be solved purely on academic or
legal grounds. They need face to face personal interaction and that was why
he was able to solve many difficulties that arose in TS during his
presidency and TS grew far and wide.

I hope we learn more details about what the real problems are with Orlando
Lodge and its properties. Lack of full transparent communication with TS
members has been hurt TS and silence will only raise more questions and
doubts and can continue to hurt the credibility of the leaders and the TS
and the Theosophical Movement. The ball is clearly in the court of the
administration and its leaders.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 10:35 PM, t_s_theosophist <>wrote:

> The Bland administration and the TSA Board of Directors influenced by Mrs.
> Bland without independend investigation of their own are attempting to
> Silence & Close down Orlando Lodge.
> This is an attempt at political retribution for our outspoken and very
> vocal suppport of Radha Burnier in the last International Presidential
> election and our role in helping expose the covert attempt by Mrs. Bland and
> three other General Secretaries to dis-enfranchise the membership worldwide
> from voting in the elections.
> ------------
> Dear Betty Bland and The National Board of Directors:
> It is our understanding that the TSA Board met on Wednesday, February 10,
> 2010. If a vote was taken at that meeting to cancel our charter, please be
> advised that TSA Bylaws were subverted by ignoring the full 90 day period to
> "correct the situation," even if the cancellation order was postdated. If
> this is the case, and if you have any interest in the pursuit of TRUTH and
> justice in this matter, we strongly appeal to you to cancel such an order,
> and strongly appeal to you to oppose such unwarranted action against our
> Lodge.
> The Members of the Theosophical Society in Orlando, Inc., hereby inform you
> that several administrative officials have previously subverted the legal
> and governing bylaws of the Theosophical Society in America by the actions
> taken against us in response to the intentional misinformation and unfounded
> and untruthful allegations leveled against our AUTONOMOUS Lodge and against
> William Delahunt, Secretary.
> We categorically deny every allegation against us.  All of the allegations
> are consistently untrue, unfounded, fabricated, malicious, insulting and
> intentionally distorted.
> We are, and have been, in strict compliance with every rule, bylaw,
> teaching and ethos of the Theosophical Society.
> NONE of the allegations are truthful; therefore, there is no legal or
> legitimate basis for delisting or deactivating our Lodge or canceling our
> charter.
> We have no obligation or intention to honor these erroneous charges and
> predatory actions by giving up our Lodge and assets. We have truthfully
> refuted all allegations in previous correspondence which you have willfully
> ignored in your rush to seize our property.
> We earnestly charge you to verify the integrity of your source(s) of
> information regarding these allegations to avoid making a profoundly serious
> mistake with far reaching consequences -- that will NOT be in the best
> interest of the Society.
> It is unfortunate that certain TSA officials have chosen to subvert the
> bylaws and enlist the support and give credence to the vindictive,
> untruthful allegations of a NON MEMBER of our Lodge -- a SPIRITUALIST,
> PSYCHIC and MEDIUM -- in their efforts to terminate an honorable
> Theosophical presence in Central Florida, for the sole purpose of satisfying
> vendettas and seizing assets.
> In the best interest of the Theosophical Society, we hope that your
> administration and the Theosophical Society will be spared the humiliation
> of such a legacy.
> Sincerely,
> The Executive Board
> The Theosophical Society in Orlando, Inc.
> < <>>
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