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Cleavage in the top leadership of TS

Feb 17, 2010 08:30 PM
by MKR

I was able to review the minutes of the GC meetings for 2005 â 2008 which
are published in the Annual Reports of TS. One aspect that I was interested
is the pattern of votes cast for, against and abstentions.

The figures for 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005 are at the bottom of the msg.
When you compare the tally for 2008 against those of prior years, the
cleavage in the General Council stares at you in 2008.

The only major event that occurred in 2008 was the election of the
International President where a group of GC council members failed to defeat
her by alleging that she is mentally and physically sick and hence not fit
to be elected, even though even in the GC meeting of 2007, Dr. Dusan Zagar,
a physician who was present, declared that the President is in good health.

Subsequently two independent Physicians had certified that the President is
in good health and this truth and fact was totally ignored by those who
continued to allege her poor health and continued to hark their lay
men/womenâs opinion that President is sick in the hope the members would buy
it and defeat her.

Failing to defeat the president, unsubstantiated allegations were made
alleging procedural errors in the voting in the Indian Section which has a
overwhelming large membership among the Sections. This failing to have
traction among members, a clever failed ultra secret attempt was made by a
few GC members, including the defeated candidate, to seize control of the
Presidency by disenfranchising every member in the world by GC members
taking over the appointment of the President. Luckily for TS, this scheme
was discovered in time and with the help of Internet, was broadcast to
shocked members world-wide.

It looks like the above failed attempts, created a cleavage between those
who supported the president and those who tried to defeat the president and
the voting pattern confirms the cleavage.

A keynote of Theosophy is Unity and this cleavage clearly shows disunity
among the leaders of TS. We all know how the membership around the world,
except India, is either shrinking or frozen and with the presentation of the
disunity top level to the world, how can we preach to the world what we do
not practice. Who will buy the tenets of theosophy when they witness the
sorry display of disunity at the highest levels.

I thought it is important to present the facts to all theosophists so that
they can think of what they can do to turn things around, which is very
critical now and which is the duty of every theosophist.


                       FOR    AGAINST    ABSTENTION

Linda Oliveira    16    15    5
K Dastur           31    1    3
H Jamiesn        19    14    2
R Lindemann    16    16    4
H K Sharan      17    14    4
S Panchu         20    12    3


Algeo           31    0    4
Kim Dieu      34    0    1
Joy Mills      34    0    1
S Narayan    34    0    1
T Kind          34    0    1


Election Amendment    30    2    3
P Zwollo                      35    0    0
D K Govindaraj             35    0    0


Property Amendment    29    2    2
K Dastur                      32    0    1
C Jamieson                  33    0    0
G Suarez                     33    0    0


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