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Re: Theos-World Quick Update on Dugpas / Dark Powers

Feb 17, 2010 08:48 AM
by Drpsionic

One of the big problems with the Dugpas, aside from their probably not  
really existing, is that the way that they are presented in the Mahatma Letters 
 makes being one of them a hell of a lot more desirable than being involved 
with  the Masters.  
I mean if you think about it, the Masters have their disciples, whom they  
give the ridiculous sounding name Chela.  Now, first, who in their right  
mind would want to be called a Chela?  It sounds like some sort of  rug.  And 
Lanoo?  Lanoo is an ingrediant in shampoo.  Then they  have all their damned 
rules, rules, rules.  Sorry, I don't like their rules  and I don't think 
that I like them very much.  If enlightenment comes at  the cost of being like 
them, Morya can stick it in his pipe.
The Dugpas, on the other hand, have none of those difficulties.  Their  
students are all called Darth, they get really cool robes, red hats, secret  
decoder rings, wonderful, comfy chairs, all the meat they can eat and 
generally  get to enjoy life and all it has to offer, including the company of 
female  dugpas unlike the Masters who are all castrated when they pass Chela  
school.  They are not the collection of self-righteous, pompous,  boring fuddy 
duddies that the Masters come across as.  You would love  to sit down with a 
Dugpa and a couple of beers.  You would not  want a Master as a neighbor.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 2/17/2010 9:27:41 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Quick Update on Dugpas / Dark Powers

The earliest mention of Dugpas  is found in ML to APS. Even though more than
a century has passed since  that letter was written, a Google search will
find very scant info.  Theosophical leaders, occultists, professors,
politicians, historians, and  elders have not touched the subject in their
discourses or writings. This  may be out of fear of the unknown, lack of
information and possible  revelation that some of them may be under the
influence of Dugpas unknown  to themselves.

The impression one gets after reading the reference in  ML is that the 
are local to Himalayan countries and of course they  are capable of
influencing any one at any distance because physical  distance is no barrier
in these matters.

Recently I was able to  discover from some written materials that there are
two other groups who  are actively working to create trouble for any 
trying to help  Humanity to reduce its sorrow and suffering.

One is the remnants of  Lemurian Black Magicians in the Australian region
(including New  Zealand).When one sees trouble arising from their agents in
that region,  more than likely this group is using their agents as catâs
paws. One is  reminded about he opposition of this group when the Manor was
established  in Sydney. Historians will be able to find other instances of
the  destructive tactics from this group.

The third group that has been  mentioned is the remnants of American Indian
Black Magic. I would not be  surprised if the dangerous Voodoo cult is not
cooperating with it. Anyone  who has read the historical dissension and
discord in the American Section  a century ago, cannot but suspect that this
group is behind the troubles  that TSA went through.

There appears to be a 100 year cycle that brings  troubles to TS. We have
seen what has been going on since early 2008 and  current cleavage among in
the sec_tion leaders world-wide with no end in  sight about resolution of it
and getting theosophists unified which is  critical for spread of Theosophy.
IMHO, it appears that all the three  groups, in a highly coordinated attack
is behind the current problems in TS  at a time of dwindling membership
outside India.

It is for all the  members who are unified and committed to the First Object
and who stand for  - There is no religion higher than Truth - and believe in
the Golden Stairs  - to be aware of the active presence of these dark forces
and thus avoid  unknowingly becoming pawns in their hands to harm the
Theosophical  Movement.

There is a silver lining in the current situation in TS,  which should give
hope to all of us. Since most leaders are really very  old, with passage of
time, a new generation of young energetic and  committed leadership will 
over and spread Theosophy to the  world.


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