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Re: Theos-World Re: [bad text]

Feb 16, 2010 07:51 AM
by Drpsionic

Yes, we actually have weather.  I remember in college going to the  loop 
one frigid January morning when it was 20 below and a 20 mph wind coming  off 
the lake and when I got off the train I never felt more alive than when that 
 blast hit my face.
And they think we will be impressed by a little snow!
Fie upon them.
Chuck the Heretic  

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Yep, 26 beow zero icy frozen everything, and that wonderful 50  mph breeze 
blowing acroos thge 1/2 mile of ice on the shore of Lake Michigan  begin 
reaching any of us chicagoans lol!!! Sbow was higher than I was when I  was kid 
in Chicago. We used to grab a ride and shoe surf on the ice by holding  
onto the back bumpers of the cars ! Wheee what fun!!! And the MONSTER summer  
electrical storms amde my mom disappear because she was hiding in the closet. 
 And it was estatic to wake up drenched with wet sheets in the hot summer 
time  of Chicago. I also said "Whats the big deal?" we had snow like that 
every year  back on the 40-50's! 

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I can remember a number of years where 95% of the  US was under snow and 
cold so bad it froze the oil in car engines. This  year is nothing. Oh the 
East Coast had a snow storm and the southerners  got to make snowmen, but 
from Chicago, I live in Wisconsin and you  ain't gonna impress me with 

As far as the planets being aligned  with the Milky Way, the planets are 
always aligned with something. The  Mayans were simply nuts, or is it the 
folks who are taking them seriously  who are nuts? Sorry, I'm not 

Chuck the Heretic  


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Hi Chuck 
Seeing we  have no recorded evidence of all the planets being in alignment 
with the  Milky Way (which is all the Mayans predicted) we have no way of 
knowing  what, or cannot predict, how or if this event will impact the 
We  have had pole shifts in the past and survived them, we have had ice and 
mini ice ages, so what I am saying, is not that the earth will be  
annihlated but what is causing these climatic changes such as 95 percent  
of the USA 
under snow? 

We have evidence of islands sinking and  evidence of mountains reemerging, 
and if a chamber was found in the sphinx  foot it would suggest that it was 
constructed to hold something which  could have been removed. As Cayce was 
a christian perhaps the Jesus thing  was more about the Christos thing.? 

Are there no more clairvoyants  left in the TS? 


In AgnosticsRefuge@ yahoogroups. com,  "HumanCarol" <humanist@> wrote: 
> > 
> > Unable to  correctly attribute material to the correct author, 
mangummurdock  <no_reply@> alleged: 
> > 
> > > Richard Dawkins  argues in Chap 3 of his book "The Dawkins Delusion" 
>  > 
> > It is already know that that is a lie. 
> >  
> > << "it is more parsimonious to conjure up, say, a `Big  Bang 
singularity' or some other physical concept as yet unknown" to  account for 
existence of the universe. The word parsimonious is  meaningless in 
Whatever it might denote, how could it be  measured? But conjure is the 
verb, suggesting as it does both  misdirection and inattention. 
The Big Bang singularity does  not represent a physical concept, because it 
cannot be accommodated by a  physical theory. It is a point at which 
theories give way.  Inattention: The physical concept in which Dawkins has 
placed his  confidence is something that is either infinite and 
or  otherwise unknown. Men have come to faith on the basis of far les_s. 
This  is, I suppose, not surprising. His atheism notwithstanding, Dawkins  
believes that he i_s a "deeply religious man." He simply prefers an alien  
> > 
> > Why don't you correctly attribute  that passage? 
> > 
> > Here is the context and a correct  citation: 
> > 
> > ---begin excerpt--- 
> >  
> > > > 

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