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Membership and Transparency Issues in American Section

Feb 12, 2010 12:48 PM
by MKR

Recently, there was a cryptic comment that the leaders from outside India
seem to be more interested in knowing who is mowing the lawn in Adyar. This
points to misplaced priority of the leaders whose job primary job is to make
sure theosophy flourishes in their Sections. The sections are given full
autonomy and also the National Secretaries are given total immunity in that
they cannot be removed from the General Council for any reason. Diverting
the attention of the members to Adyar issues while the membership situation
in most countries is either frozen or on the decline â hopefully we will not
end with sometimes quoted number of three theosophists. This diverting the
attention of the members is seen by many as self-serving and not unlike how
politicians divert attention of their constituents to unimportant issues
while fire is raging on critical issues.

Two key issues at Section level are the sad situation regarding membership
and the ultra secrecy with which Section matters are handled, namely lack of
real transparency.

While reviewing the maillist archives, I ran into three messages touching on
the membership and secrecy issue in the American Section. I am sure you will
find them interesting to read. Here are the links.





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