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Re: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its original lines!

Feb 11, 2010 04:22 PM
by Cass Silva


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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its original lines!
>It is rather hard to ask one of the Masters anything as they tend to be 
>high on something in Morya's pipe and give really strange answers.
>Chuck the Heretic
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>Dear Cass and friends
>My views are:
>A new Esoterical School might be necessary or a good and compassionate. 
>Remember that we emply agents in various groups and organisations. But I 
>find, that another Theosophical Society following the original lines would be a 
>much better idea, - well provided that the present Theosophical Society is 
>not able to show us that they still follow the original lines given by the 
>Masters, and why their lines or program are better than the original one.
>Such a Knowledge is esoterical knowledge. And that kind of Knowledge is 
>not, (so I have been told here at Theos-talk), officially claimed by the 
>leaders Theosophical Society today. An example: Try to ask the Master whether 
>they consider their Himalayan group to be an elite group. Do you think that 
>the Masters Himalayan group will reveal all and everything esoterical to 
>M. Sufilight
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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its 
>original lines!
>I hope you are not suggesting that new esoteric schools be formed? What 
>knowledge is so esoteric that it can now only be shared by an elite group?
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>>Subject: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its original 
>>Dear friends
>>My views are:
>>Sometimes one would do well in reading the words given by H. P. Blavatsky
>>about the reason for the formation of the Esoteric Section...
>>H. P. Blavatsky said to the members of the Esoteric Section:
>>"This degree of the Esoteric Section is probationary, and its general 
>purpose is to prepare and fit the student for the study of practical occultism 
>or Raj yoga. Therefore, in this degree, the student--save in exceptional 
>cases--will not be taught how to produce physical phenomena, nor will any 
>magical powers be allowed to develop in him; nor, if possessing such powers 
>naturally, will he be permitted to exercise them before he has thoroughly 
>mastered the knowledge of SELF, of the psycho-physiologica l processes 
>(taking place on the occult plane) in the human body generally, and until he has 
>in abeyance all his lower passions and his PERSONAL SELF.
>>The real Head of the Esoteric Section is a Master, of whom H. P. 
>Blavatsky is the mouthpiece for this Section. He is one of those Adepts referred to 
>in theosophical literature, and concerned in the formation of the 
>Theosophical Society. "
>>. . . . . . .
>>"The Theosophical Society has just entered upon the fourteenth year of 
>its existence; and if it has accomplished great, one may almost say 
>stupendous, results on the exoteric and utilitarian plane, it has proved a dead 
>failure on all those points which rank foremost among the objects of its 
>original establishment. Thus, as a "Universal Brotherhood, " or even as a 
>fraternity, one among many, it has descended to the level of all those Societies 
>whose pretensions are great, but whose names are simply masks,--nay, even 
>SHAMS. Nor can the excuse be pleaded that it was led into such an undignified 
>course owing to its having been
>>impeded in its natural development, and almost extinguished, by reason of 
>the conspiracies of its enemies openly begun in 1884. Because even before 
>that date there never was that solidarity in the ranks of our Society which 
>would not only enable it to resist all external attacks, but also make it 
>possible for greater, wider, and more tangible help to be given to all its 
>members by those who are always ready to give help when we are fit to 
>receive it. When trouble arose, too many were quick to doubt and despair, and few 
>indeed were they who had worked for the Cause and not for themselves. The 
>attacks of the enemy have given the Society some discretion in the conduct 
>of its external progress, but its real internal condition has not improved, 
>and the members, in their efforts towards spiritual culture, still require 
>that help which solidarity in the ranks can alone give them the right to 
>ask. The Masters can give but little assistance to a Body not
>thoroughly united in purpose and feeling, and which breaks its first 
>fundamental rule--universal brotherly love, without distinction of race, creed 
>or colour; nor to a Society, many members of which pass their lives in 
>judging, condemning, and often reviling other members in a most untheosophical, 
>not to say disgraceful, manner."
>>. . . . . . .
>>"For this reason it is now contemplated to gather the "elect" of the T.S. 
>and to call them to action. It is only by a select group of brave souls, a 
>handful of determined men and women hungry for genuine spiritual 
>development and the acquirement of soul-wisdom, that the Theosophical Society at 
>large can be brought back to its original lines. It is through an Esoteric 
>Section alone--i.e., a group in which all the members, even if unacquainted 
>with one another, work for each other, and by working for all work for 
>themselves-- that the great Exoteric Society may be redeemed and made to realize 
>that in union and harmony alone lie its strength and power. The object of 
>this Section, then, is to help the future growth of the Theosophical Society 
>as a whole in the true direction, by promoting brotherly union at least 
>among the few.
>>All know that this end was in view when the Society was established, and 
>even in its mere unpledged ranks there was a possibility for development 
>and knowledge, until it began to show want of real union; and now it must be 
>saved from future dangers by the united aim, brotherly feeling, and 
>constant exertions of the members of this Esoteric Section. Therefore, anyone who 
>has signed the pledge without realizing this is earnestly recommended to 
>reconsider his position, and to withdraw unless he is prepared to devote 
>himself to the carrying out of this purpose. Once offered the grand example of 
>practical altruism, of the noble lives of those who learn to master the 
>great knowledge but to help others, and who strive to acquire powers but to 
>place them at the service of their fellow-men, the whole theosophical 
>community may yet be steered into action, and led to follow the example set before 
>>The Esoteric Section is thus "set apart" for the salvation of the whole 
>Society, and its_ course from its first steps will be an arduous and uphill 
>work for its members, though a great reward lies behind the many obstacles 
>once they are overcome.
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>(http://www.katinkah /) esselink. net/blavatsky/ articles/ v7/yxxxx_ 019.htm
>>M. Sufilight asks and comments:
>>I ask your compassionate hearts as honest Seekers after Truth :
>>Do you my dear readers understand that, the Esoteric Section was 
>according to H. P. Blavatsky created in 1888 so that "the Theosophical Society at 
>large can be brought back to its original lines"; the lines openly deviated 
>from in 1884?
>>Did this imply turning it towards a more or less blurred or openly 
>declared political involvement à la A. O. Hume - National Congress of India? I 
>would clearly say no, and no a thousand times!
>>Did this imply asserting a Messiah in the flesh as the World Teacher of 
>the Age (The Maitreya) as a dogma or propagandized doctrine to follow? I 
>would clearly say no, and no a thousand times!
>>Did this imply rejecting the view that "No Theosophist should be silent 
>when he hears evil reports or slanders spread about the Society, or innocent 
>persons, whether they be his colleagues or outsiders. " (The Key to the_ 
>Theosophist, 2ed., 1890, p. 250)? I would clearly say no, and no a thousand 
>>Did it only imply this with reagard to physically present humans or did 
>it also imply it with regard deceased ones? I would clearly say both issues 
>count, because people not living in the physical are present in our 
>>M. Sufilight
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