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Feb 11, 2010 07:17 AM
by Drpsionic

Does that mean that Theosophists are supposed to be heavily armed gangs  
terrorizing the countryside?  Have you looked at what Rio is like these  days? 
 I mean I can really get into the heavily armed gang terrorizing the  
countryside in the name of Theosophy but somehow I doubt that is what they had  
in mind.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 2/11/2010 8:02:42 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Background to âManorâ and future role of Rio de Janeiro

The âManorâ  center in Sydney, Australia is the only theosophical center in
the southern  hemisphere of the world. According to published information,
before Sydney  was selected for the southern center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
was also  considered and it was expected that Rio will play an important 
in the  future. More on this later.

When Manor center was started, it was met  with a lot of difficulty and
opposition from the Brothers of Shadow because  there was remaining of the
old Lemurian influence to furnish suitable  material for the unscrupulous. 
course trouble was created through  members of the TS.

It is obvious that we see continuous opposition from  the dark forces since
the founding of the TS. We have no reason to doubt  they are not behind the
events that TS has seen from the start of the  nomination process for
election of the International President to the  current condition of 
among the leaders world-wide who are supposed  to work for unity which is 
keyword of real theosophists.

Perhaps  the Dugpas and the Lemurian influence have succeeded in joining
hands and  in one sweep were able to muster whole bunch of leaders to do
their work;  of course the leaders may not be conscious of their being used.

The  fact that Rio was also considered for the center before Sydney  was
selected, points to the important role it will play in the future.  Recent
increased theosophical activities in Brazil may be the beginning of  the
increased role Brazil is going to play. The opposition to the  activities
from some leaders from other countries sounds familiar to anyone  who has
followed the history of TS. At every step of any good that TS and  its
members try to do to help the humanity, you immediately see the  opposition
from the dark forces. Once we are conscious of this fact, it  would be ver_y
easy for any theosophist to decide which side they should be  on.

I hope the above should give a better perspective of what is going  on in
Brazil and why all theosophist should support  it.


PS: Some of the info above was from Joseph Ross' books  on Krotona, which is
a gold mine of info not available anywhere  else.

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