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Re: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its original lines!

Feb 09, 2010 04:07 PM
by wagnerian1

It is images, symbols, memories of experiences that one will take beyond, and certainly not the kind of knowledge imparted by acres/hectares of printed pages and hours of lectures!
It is these things that must be the primary transmission of Theosophical gnosis.  If there aren't such things kept as a precious inheritance by the TS, then the whole thing is a social club, and from the looks of it, a failed one at that.
An Esoteric section is necessary if said knowledge is better imparted as a Mystery, not to exclude folks, but to make the transmission as literally impressive as it can be.  Usually such a thing can be spoken of, but can never be fully known without passing through the procedure or initiation or whatever first.  In other words, if you haven't been there, done that, and seen it, felt it, maybe even tasted and smelled it, you just won't know, even if you have the whole thing written out in front of you.
But again, what was the core, life-changing experience that HPB and her friends had, and how is that being transmitted to us today?  Is it?  If not, why not?


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> Lol, again knowledge...why you need knowledge you will eventually forget when you die?
> The only thing one needs here in this Hell is how to survive and if possible help out a few others...
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> Subject: Re: Theos-World Bring the Theosophical Society back to its original lines!
> I hope you are not suggesting that new esoteric schools be formed?  What knowledge is so esoteric that it can now only be shared by an elite group?
> Cass

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