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Re: Theos-World Brahmin Caste Issue

Feb 09, 2010 07:57 AM
by Drpsionic

I think that Radha is probably too old to recognize much of anything  now.  
She has been treated as a spiritual leader for so long that for her  to 
cast off the mantle would require a strength of character that few people  
have.  The thing about Radha that I did not like when I first met her is  that 
she seemed utterly impentrable.  It was impossible for her to sit down  and 
talk, just talk.  When she was part of a small group of us having  breakfast 
at the 1993 World Parliament of Religions she did not really  participate in 
the conversation, but just sort of sat there.  It was  obvious that she 
could only function in role, otherwise she would go into a  private shell, 
which may very well be a private hell.
When I was hanging around Olcott, it was fun to create jokes about  her.  
It entertained everyone because my role was to say that which no one  else 
had the nerve to, the role of the court jester.  But as I have been  away from 
Olcott and its byzantine ways, I find that while I do not think much  of 
Radha as an administrator, I see her more as a suffering human being and I  
wish life had given her a better place than one for which she is so obviously  
For all their talk of compassion, Theosophists can be among the coldest and 
 most unkind people on earth.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 2/8/2010 10:50:00 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Dear Chuck and all,

That is also how I view the President --  just the functionary head of the 
TS. But does it really matter how anyone else  views the President? No it 
does not.

For things to change in the  TS as it is today, the President must 
recognize and understand that she is not  an authority in the TS. She is merely its 
functionary head, elected to  administer it, rather than to rule it. The day 
she understands this, there  might be some hope for the TS. As of today, it 
seems rather to be running  headlong into disaster....For t one could 
define as the  Untheosophical Society.


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Subject: Re: Theos-World  Brahmin Caste Issue
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Date: Saturday, 6 February, 2010,  10:18 PM

What we have here is a real cultural difference  between Theosophists. 
Obviously, and rather oddly to me at least, the  president is regarded as 
sort of spiritual leader in India. In the US  we have never seen her that 
way, merely as an administrator who does a  rather bad job of 
so all of this is to my eyes rather  ridiculous.

We have to put the election of Radha in the first place  into context. She 
really was the lesser of two evils, her opponent in that  election being 
Rukmini Devi, who was, by all accounts, literally insane by  that time and 
one wanted a member of the never-to-be- sufficiently  damned Arundale bunch 
anywhere near the job again. Radha has proven to be  a bit of a disaster 
immediately after her first and disasterous visit  to the US, the butt of 
some really bad jokes and now has somehow morphed  into Satan incarnate, 
which was supposed to be my job.

Chuck the  Heretic


In _a message dated 2/5/2010  4:46:17 P.M. Central Standard Time, 
silva_cass@yahoo. com  writes:

Perhaps the cogent point is that 'he was chosen', and those  that did the 
choosing saw in him an opportunity to educate him towards the  goal of 
'their next world leader'. Well they picked the wrong  Brahmin didn't they, 
no-one can alter another person's path regardless of  how much they attempt 
to. Bitching and moaning about any President has  never had that president 
removed, and quite frankly, all this political  twoing and frowing puts 
people off discovering whether Theosophy is for  them or not.

I was going to hold my silence but this political ramming  is just adding 
to the decaying of what Blavatsky gave  us.


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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Brahmin Caste  Issue
>I would like to read exactly what she said  before jumping to conclusions 
and accusing somebody of castesim. Please  post her article if you have it.
>As far as I know, one of the  supposed requirements for the WT to manifest 
was that the body must have  been free of meat consumption for many lives. 
This need not mean a  particular caste alone is qualified but in the 
of the last century  the odds were that a Brahmin body was more likely to 
satisfy the  requirement. To say K was chosen because of his birth (and no 
other  criterion) is wrong but we need to know what the president actually  
>--- In theos-talk@yahoogro, preethi muthiah <seeker_preethi@ ...> 
>> MKR and all,
>> To  bring you back to the point being mentioned by myself below:
>> The President of the Theos_ophical Society in an article called  The 
Watch-Tower published in every issue of the Theosop_hist -- which is  the 
official organ of the President of the TS -- mentioned that JK was  chosen 
of his Brahmin birth to be a World Teacher.
>> So what is a casteist person like Mrs Radha Burnier doing as  President 
of an international organization whose First Object is the  creation of a 
nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity  irrespective of Class, 
Caste, Race, Creed etc.? Don't you think it a  little strange that even 
despite all her untheosophical activities  she is given the power and 
she has and holds?
>> Fraternally
>> Preethi

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