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Re: Theos-World Theos-Talk Research and Society

Feb 07, 2010 02:09 PM
by MKR

I hope the leaders who have been living in a cocoon with no transparency and
great secrecy in their doings and possible machinations, are reading the
messages here and realize the continuing serious harm they are causing to
the Cause while they may be under the delusion  that they are doing good to
the cause.

[How else we can explain (1) the ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all
members by a handful of GC members from the West and seize control of the TS
and (2) continued silence over a year with no indication of any attempt to
bring about unity within the TS, while at the same time lecturing about
truth, honesty, and other attributes theosophy tries to inculcate in their

May be it is time for Plan B for theosophy to move ahead ignoring the
existing old guard leadership which seems to be stuck on a path of error.


On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 10:18 AM, <>wrote:

> Morton,
> Count me in - I like this idea very much. I'd like to see The Society
> getting back to being a Society with research and social aims/interests that
> count for something besides self serving its Organization, gurus and greed.
> I'd like to see the Society reformulated to get back on track to learning
> and research in various fields NOT including nonsense and fluff which as a
> Society we were always encouraged to speak up about and to ernestly expose.
> I don't care if that such and such is a billion dollar a year business or
> not the Theosophical Society was surely never intended to support, embrace
> nor produce mass materials made by (and benefiting) charlatans.
> The fact that today, as I see it, the Society has seriously lowerer its
> standards and is at a loss for inspiration is a disgrace to the disadvantage
> of all of its members and everyone it thereafter reaches.
> I'd like to see a Society develop that is a true and genuine Society
> without gurus or leaders or followers or cookie cutter images of people
> wherein everyone is best being like everyone else (and parroting the same
> verses/thoughts) or they'll never be able to be accepted a/o get along. And,
> what about good hearty debate without sinking into verbal blows and power
> plays. I'd like to see that too, a Society that can internally disagree,
> debate, and discuss a/b the facts themselves can/will settle such points.
> A society which can help to educate, inform, and to dispell the growing
> number of extremists and peddle pushers who seek to profit off of (and use)
> others' sincere desires to learn, explore a/o to know more about themselves
> a/o the world.
> I'd like to see a Society develop that can distinguish between nonsense and
> real or accurate information a/o theory. A Society that is essentially
> interested in things that genuinely mean something and therefore in the
> realm of facts and legends can and would (or should) once again be taken
> seriously for its spiritual influence, a deserved reputation, and its
> academic (and creative) apt, stance, and investigation.
> A Society that can be an inspiring and discerning influence in our world,
> which, in fact, honestly and reputedly operates like a guiding light.
> A group of peers a/o a loosely organized company of people that while
> having and retaining individual autonomy, focuses or goals, can and does
> work together (pool data, so on) for a general or overall coordinated effort
> with the one simple aim of improving understanding and bettering humanity in
> and as a united front.
> I could go on and on, as you can tell; I am fairly disappointed by the
> Theosophical Society we see/have today.
> Terrie

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