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Re: Theos-World Brahmin Caste Issue

Feb 07, 2010 08:42 AM
by Drpsionic

Sounds like a good reason not to be a Brahmin.
Or a Jain for that matter.
Chuck the Heretic  

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Let me add, for the benefit of those outside India especially the  West.

Traditionally Brahmins not only do not eat meat, but do not eat  eggs and 
teetotalers. Also, meat, eggs, and alcohol are not allowed in  their homes.

I have known Brahmin families who emigrated and settled in  the USA who
follow this practice even today.


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>  I would like to read exactly what she said before jumping to  conclusions
> and accusing somebody of castesim. Please post her article  if you have 
> As far as I know, one of the supposed  requirements for the WT to manifest
> was that the body must have been  free of meat consumption for many lives.
> This need not mean a  particular caste alone is qualified but in the 
> of the last  century the odds were that a Brahmin body was more likely to
> satisfy  the requirement. To say K was chosen because of his birth (and no
>  other criterion) is wrong but we need to know what the president  
> said.
> Viswanath
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> muthiah  <seeker_preethi@see> wrote:
> >
> > MKR and  all,
> >
> > To bring you back to the point being mentioned  by myself below:
> >
> > The President of the Theosophical  Society in an article called The
> Watch-Tower published in every issue  of the Theosophist -- which is the
> official organ of the President of  the TS -- mentioned that JK was chosen
> because of his Brahmin birth to  be a World Teacher.
> >
> > So what is a casteist person  like Mrs Radha Burnier doing as President 
> an international  organization whose First Object is the creation of a
> nucleus of the  Universal Brotherhood of humanity irrespective of Class,
> Caste, Race,  Creed etc.? Don't you think it a little strange that even 
>  despite all her untheosophical activities she is given the power and
>  authority she has and holds?
> >
> > Fraternally
>  >
> > Preethi
> >

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