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Re: Theos-World Black and White magic - and the Manchurian Candidate

Feb 07, 2010 08:35 AM
by Drpsionic

Meet them on the street?  I do business with them on a regular  basis.
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 2/7/2010 8:27:59 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Dear friends

My views are:

Now try to consider the below  villains who use their powers for a not so 
wise and compassionate  end...

Try this one. Interesting is it not?:
Rapidly Going  under Hypnosis

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_ ( _

Grant Boddington Master Stage  Hypnotist
_ ( 
_ ( _

Street Hypnosis - Invisibilty -  Amit Badiani
_ ( 
_ ( _

Event Hypnotist Bruce James -  Comedy Stage Hypnotist
_ ( 
_ ( _

Dogmatism is still reigning all  over the Christinized countries as a thick 
There is no reason to  think that this is not a fact. The politiicans, and 
various religious leaders  and the medias outlets are a daily exmaples on 
this. And the Middle Eastern  countries are equally hampered by their 
dogmatisms. And parts of the Eastern  countries also have their dogmatic problems. 
People are afraid on this  planet.- There are relly afraid! - And because 
they are afraid they need a  tribe to belong to or something similar like a 
church or social "religious"  group, so that they feel secure and comfortable. 
And that is well and good  provided it is helping them. But if it is a curse 
for them and filled with  dogmas it is no good. Not at all.

The theosophical stance on  hypnosis has been given by H. P. Blavatsky and 

H. P.  Blavatsky on hypnotism
_ ( 
_http://www.katinkahhttp://wwhttp://www.http://wwhtt_ ( 

"The Voodoos and the Dugpas eat, drink and are merry  over hecatombs of 
victims of their infernal arts. And so do the amiable  gentlemen 
vivisectionists and the diploma-ed "Hypnotizers" of the Faculties of  Medicine; the only 
difference between the two classes being that the Voodoos  and Dugpas are 
conscious, and the Charcot-Richet crew unconscious, Sorcerers.  Thus, since 
both have to reap the fruits of their labours and achievements in  the black 
art, the Western practitioners should not have the punishment and  reputation 
without the profits and enjoyments they may get therefrom. For we  say it 
again, hypnotism and vivisection as practised in such schools, are  Sorcery 
pure and simple, minus a knowledge that the Voodoos and Dugpas enjoy,  and 
which no Charcot-Richet can procure for himself in fifty years of hard  study 
and experimental observation. Let then those who will dabble in magic,  
whether they understand its nature or not, but who find the ru_les imposed upon  
st udents too hard, and who, therefore, lay Atma-Vidya or Occultism aside-go 
 without it. Let them become magicians by all means, even though they do 
become  Voodoos and Dugpas for the next ten incarnations.
But the interest of our  readers will probably centre on those who are 
invincibly attracted towards the  "Occult," yet who neither realise the true 
nature of what they aspire towards,  nor have they become passion-proof, far 
less truly unselfish."
_ ( 
( _

What are you views?
Would  you like to meet these guys in the street or at a the local 
theosophical  gathering? Or even as a proclaimed theosophical teacher?

M.  Sufilight

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