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Re: Theos-World Re: World Congress in Rome

Feb 05, 2010 10:27 AM
by Augoeides-222

Gee, interesting idea, I never wondered how they kept fly's out of submarines. But I can imagine the following: 

Subs surfaces to get fresh air and recharge battery's. Hatches remain open during the 12 hours on the surface. Thousands of fly's, wasps, bee's and knat's enter the sub. The sub closes all hatches and submerges back under the ocean. A flustered crewman swings at a bee with a wrench which misses and hits the hull creating a huge clanging sound which is picked up by an enemy sub. Enemy sub fires torpedo wiping out all the pesty wasp's, bee's, knat's and the off policy crewman. 


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Theosophists need leaders like a submarine needs a screen door. 

Chuck the Heretic 

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I concur with Sampsaâ comments. 

I do not know about the objectives of the World Congress. I hope someone 
clarifies it. 

With current situation in TS, I hope the occasion is used to bring about 
reconciliation and unity and if the occasion is missed, it would be sad. 

This will happen only if the leaders are really keen on quickly bringing 
about unity. If they take the myway or highway approach, nothing is going 
happen until another crisis shows up, which is quite possible having seen 
the silence we are witnessing. 

As I mentioned earlier, most of those who attend would be from the region 
and some from other countries who are wealthy enough to pay for the trip 
the tour that has been organized. Rest of those who attend would be leaders 
from other sections whose travel expenses would be met from the TS funds 
it would be a good vacation paid for by TS. 

Transparency is an issue with Sections as well as in GC. From what I have 
seen in the USA, members are told crumbs of unimportant information and 
has been discussed on theos-talk in the past going back to a decade. 

Lack of transparency makes it very easy to make decisions and leaders have 
gotten used to it, it is going to be an uphill task to open up, unless an 
enlightened leader shows up and goes for it. We need someone like Gorbachev 
to do what he did to dismantle USSR. 

On the question of aging leadership, again it is there in sections as well 
as at Adyar. As an example, I mentioned Krotona, which was setup by Annie 
Besant to be a dynamic community to help further the activities of American 
Section, now looks more like a retirement community filled with aged 
of American Section and not a young dynamic one. Developing future leaders 
is an art and unless we get off from the belief to equate grey hair from 
wisdom, it is not going to happen soon. 


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> So far there has only been an announcement that at least Radha, Linda 
> Oliveira and P.Krishna will be speakers in the World Congress. No other 
> speakers have been confirmed. 
> I think Radha should include her criticians, too, in the program. 
> the Congress will not unite members and will not increase co-operation. 
> I don't believe at all that there will be any discussion about 
> organisational matters. Those congresses are very formal. But in the 
> free-time, of course, members will talk about them. By the way, in my 
> understanding it is Radha and the Italian Section who order the program. 
> MKR, what you write about problems in many Sections is true, but I wish 
> would be fair and would write on aged people and lack of transparency at 
> Adyar, too. There are problems everywhere in the TS. 
> Sampsa 
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> > 
> > The World Congress in Rome is scheduled in July. I am sure that many of 
> the 
> > General Secretaries and others from Europe would be attending. Of 
> > due to the cost of travel and accommodation, the attendance from rest 
> the 
> > world is not expected to be much. Rich members and others whose travel 
> > expenses are met from TS Section treasury can be expected to attend. 
> > 
> > Has anyone seen the program schedule? I hope they would address the 
> > urgent issue - membership. Aging leadership and difficulty in 
> > younger members, if continued, we are looking for a downward trend in 
> > membership and some sections would survive till their treasury runs 
> It 
> > is a very sad state of affairs. 
> > 
> > All the events starting with the election of the President and the 
> cleavage 
> > in the GC membership is slowly marring the good image the theosophy 
> TS 
> > had in the world simply due to t_he dedication and unselfishness of 
> > leaders. When they also see the attempted secret disenfranchisement 
> to 
> > seize the presidency by a handful of GC members, it presents a very 
> > picture to prospects. All the participants involved in the past issues 
> have 
> > been silent and we have not seen any serious steps to bring about 
> > cooperation which is urgently needed. We have no idea as to what is 
> cooking 
> > behind the scenes. 
> > 
> > I hope the World Congress addresses urgent serious issues and not a 
> a 
> > vacation like gathering for those who can attend. 
> > 
> > MKR 
> > 
> > 
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