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Re: Theos-World Covert Activities,

Feb 04, 2010 08:37 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

A few views...

Other members on the forum are welcome to join in and respond to this e-mail.

Chuck my dear Heretic (smile), I tend to agree with you about your posts first paragraph.

So why not create a The Theos-talk Theosophical Society reformulated, but in line with the original programe instead of the present spurious ones and avoid the political masonry entanglement, which is generated from TS Adyar's website?

 The original Programe referred to was given in 1875-1891, but was abandoned when Annie Besant became a leader of the Esoteric Section and later of the Theosophical Society, and when she there introduced A) political involvement, B) a dualistic World Teacher emotionalism in the physical, and C) a Shrine for a male-chauvanistic Liberal Cahtolic Church with half-dogmatic christianized doctrines. And D) also down-watered the fact that Then Theosophical Society's original programe clearly and openly fought against any kind of dogmatism - while she replaced this with a non-Universal Brotherhood doctrine by effectively changing the Original Object of the Theosophical Society and promoting that there is no doctrine in The Theosophical Society. There is a doctrine for membership, and that is that a Universal Brotherhood cannot be created neither through dogmaticm or laws written by human hand with human penality courts and police with weapons to kill people with.

At least this is what I get from the whole events until today, where TS Adyar and the Theosophical Society clearly seem to continue down the path given by Annie Besant, and not the one given by H. P. Blavatksy and her Masters - and not a path adapted to the present day - where the science of psychology and spiritual psychology is turned in to a religious spectacle of robes, gongs, more or less political "masonry" rings and ceremonials etc. etc. Modern day teachings on psychology and spiritual psychology are avaliable in the plenty, also about emotional attractions to spiritual organisations, sect, cults, and a psychological science on indoctrination, brainwashing and hypnosis.

About being paranoid: I would not trust anyone the Jesuits or what we call false Christians or similar Masons. H. P. Blavatsky and others have stated several times, that EVIL is something real, and that DEMON EST DEUS INVERSUS. (Secret Doctrine vol. I, p. 70)

The more humorus side of it is, that All this fuss reminds me of the movie named Star Wars and when Anakin turned into Darth Vader.
The question is who is pulling the strings of the puppets creating this mess and while making people debate their heads of wasting time until they realise that they have to turn their heads to the original programe of The Theososophical Society - in a more modern and reformulate version?

Thank you for share some thoughts with me.

M. Sufilight

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  I think people overestimate the greed of the folks running the TS. My 
  feeling is that what they are doing is trying to justify the fact that they 
  just do not attract that many people any more. The Three Objects are 
  hopelessly outdated, not in any sense of lacking validity, but in the sense that 
  when encountered people are more inclined to think, "Ok, that's nice. Let's 
  go find something interesting."

  And let us be honest, if someone were not already a Theosophist, reading 
  some of the stuff on these lists would cure them of any inclination to be 

  We have gone from psuedo-sanskrit blather and people rehashing fights from 
  over a hundred years ago to debating the vices real or illusory of the 
  less-than-esteemed International President.

  That is when someone isn't being paranoid about Jesuits...

  Chuck the Heretic 

  In a message dated 2/3/2010 10:41:52 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

  You may be right. In the near term, many of those old folks dying may be
  bequeathing their estate to the TS so its coffers will swell so that those
  who control the treasury would have a good time spending the money 
  they are doing theosophical work.

  I also have heard some say that shrinking membership is indeed good for
  leaders because it would be easy to manage an organization with smaller


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  > I think, realistically, the future of Theosophy will be something 
  > to the fate of the Shakers. It will simply die out as an organized 
  > at least in the west, as we all get older and older and older...
  > Chuck the Heretic
  > www.charlescosimano 
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  > We all have seen some very fine Masons and theosophists who are 
  > and best specimens of humanity. Such qualities have no correlation with 
  > erudition, position held, how high they are in Masonry or theosophical
  > organizations and any other attribute. We also have seen those in the 
  > extreme, that may shock us.
  > We all wear a mask to present a favorable image in the world. However, 
  > people are put in highly stressful and unusual situations, usually 
  > by themselves, major breaks take place in the mask and people usually see
  > the real person and usually those undesirable characteristics hidden 
  > the mask show up. When it happens, there is damage to the individual 
  > is very difficult to fix. Those who come thru the rents in the mask
  > smelling
  > like a rose, have nothing to worry.
  > Let us see what is in store for TS in the near future. Are w_e seeing the
  > calm before the storm?
  > MKR
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  > >
  > >
  > > Hi,
  > >
  > > I have been reading Theos-list posts of late, and sadly I do happen to
  > > agree and via my own personal experience can confirm that indeed it 
  > > look very much to me like Theosophy is being beseiged a/o as one might
  > say
  > > under attack. There are significant efforts being made to besmear
  > Theosophy
  > > and even perhaps derail it's original efforts and aims. Further, it 
  > > look to me like it is coming most specifically or commonly from
  > > organizations with a/o of Free Masonry. Myself knowing (and having 
  > > many fine Masons I am trying my best to keep things in perspective and 
  > > not make sweeping a/o blanket statements about such Friends a/o
  > > Organizations. I feel this/that sort of vague outlook will not specify
  > the
  > > exacts that people will need/want to seek out for a more thorough
  > > understanding.
  > >
  > > As to why this should be, as yet I don't entirely know however I think
  > that
  > > it is partly a continuing and covert effort to privately, quietly, and
  > > unlawfully obtain; and, clearly, I too feel it is a very sad thing to
  > > see/know; and, of course, I'm still hoping that I'm wrong however as 
  > it
  > > does not appear that I am.
  > >
  > > Sometimes, things that are important enough to stand your ground about
  > are
  > > also important enough for others to try and take if they can just 
  > to
  > > figure out how. This/that issue (my best guess) however or ultimately 
  > in
  > > all likelyhood a ruse - it's simply an ego 'in' and efforting-means to
  > > create friction, harrassment and continuing pressure to ultimately
  > > discredit, dismantle a/o fracture the Org. - Obviously I too do happen 
  > > think these are serious matters to keep track of -
  > >
  > > At any rate I can definitely confirm that there are in deed and in fact
  > > specific people (caregivers of) working under illusion and covert who 
  > > trying to not only conflict (and confine) each and everything 
  > does
  > > (and much worse) but additionally they are trying to misrespresent some
  > > genuine Masons as having b_een other than. How/why it happened,
  > specifically,
  > > is it happening.
  > >
  > > First things first; it quite looks to me like it's all about
  > > harrassing/impeding harrassing/impeding<WBR>, discrediting and separat
  > > c/would pose real a/o strong opposition to such goings-ons.
  > >
  > > Terrie
  > >
  > >
  > >
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