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Covert Activities,

Feb 03, 2010 06:19 PM


I have been reading Theos-list posts of late, and sadly I do happen to agree and via my own personal experience can confirm that indeed it does look very much to me like Theosophy is being beseiged a/o as one might say under attack.  There are significant efforts being made to besmear Theosophy and even perhaps derail it's original efforts and aims.  Further, it does look to me like it is coming most specifically or commonly from organizations with a/o of Free Masonry.  Myself knowing (and having known) many fine Masons I am trying my best to keep things in perspective and to not make sweeping a/o blanket statements about such Friends a/o Organizations.  I feel this/that sort of vague outlook will not specify the exacts that people will need/want to seek out for a more thorough understanding.     

As to why this should be, as yet I don't entirely know however I think that it is partly a continuing and covert effort to privately, quietly, and unlawfully obtain; and, clearly, I too feel it is a very sad thing to see/know; and, of course, I'm still hoping that I'm wrong however as yet it does not appear that I am.

Sometimes, things that are important enough to stand your ground about are also important enough for others to try and take if they can just manage to figure out how.  This/that issue (my best guess) however or ultimately is in all likelyhood a ruse - it's simply an ego 'in' and efforting-means to create friction, harrassment and continuing pressure to ultimately discredit, dismantle a/o fracture the Org. - Obviously I too do happen to think these are serious matters to keep track of - 

At any rate I can definitely confirm that there are in deed and in fact specific people (caregivers of) working under illusion and covert who are trying to not only conflict (and confine) each and everything Theosophy does (and much worse) but additionally they are trying to misrespresent some genuine Masons as having been other than.  How/why it happened, specifically, is it happening.

First things first; it quite looks to me like it's all about harrassing/impeding, discrediting and separating, so on, all those who c/would pose real a/o strong opposition to such goings-ons.


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