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Some thoughts on events since Early 2007

Feb 03, 2010 05:50 AM
by MKR

Dr. Franz Hartman describing his experience at Adyar during his stay there

If we are once convinced that there are Adepts in White Magic, it will
require only a small stretch of the imagination to believe that there are
black magicians too, and that they are naturally opposed to and trying to
counteract everything that the former wish to accomplish. Although those
black magicians necessarily work in secret and in the dark, nevertheless I
have received during my stay at Adyar a certain amount of evidence that such
black magicians exist and that they are working to counteract and impede the
work done by the Theosophical Society....

There have been other numerous mentions in early theosophical literature,
including ML to APS about the Black Magicians or Dugpas and how they operate
and how they are constantly working to wreck the work of TS.

All the events that rolled out starting with the surprise opposition to
sitting president in the last  election and attempt to defeat her by trying
to convince members that she is mentally and physically sick and continued
harping on this even after physicians declared her fit, after failing to
defeat her on this misinformation, unsubstantiated allegations made about
voting in Indian Section, followed by the now famous ill fated ultra secret
attempt to disenfranchise all members and seize control of the presidency by
a handful of GC members from the West, and the cleavage seen in the 2008
meeting of the GC showing the disunity among the leaders of the TS, most of
the GC members from the West not attending the 2009 meeting and lack of any
attempt to bring about cooperation and unity within the TS are not something
one expects from TS. Even an ordinary rookie member can see thru all this

In the light of frozen or shrinking membership in Sections outside India,
and no serious plans developed to attack the membership issue, there is no
simple explanation for the above events.

Knowing that black magicians are continuously working hard to counteract and
impede the work done by the TS, IMHO, it is not easy to dismiss that they
did not have a hand in the above. Hartman himself had mentioned that when
under the influence of black magicians he would be tempted to say and do
things which were against his better judgement. This coupled with the fact
most of the TS leaders are long time high level members of ES and high
degree Co-Masons, the possibility of some of them being put on trial as lay
chelas with its dangers.

In one of the letters to Sinnett, there was a mention of three failures
within some months resulting in insanity and one even becoming a criminal.
Naturally, Dugpas would take advantage of any weakness in the chelas on
trial and this cannot be ruled out.

IMHO, the above may explain the underlying causes of the events we have been
witnessing. It is the hope of every passionate theosophist that things would
soon improve, unity of purpose and cooperation will be back and once again
theosophy will be seen at the leading edge of the movements for long term
betterment of Humanity.


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