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Some thoughts on publications on-line

Feb 02, 2010 05:28 AM
by MKR

Some thoughts on publications on-line

If you stop a stranger in the street and ask him/her whether he/she has
heard of theosophy, the chances are 10,000 to 1, the answer is no. Very few
people in the world have heard of theosophy. Those interested in theosophy
is very minuscule in the world.

Internetâs ability to function as medium of communication is priceless and
theosophists are yet to tap into this powerful resource. One area of
interest to me is the publications relating to theosophy and the
personalities involved.

Thanks to the publication of the theosophical classics more than a century
ago, thus outside copyright and most of them are available online. This is a
boon, especially for those in third world countries where access to
published books is expensive and difficult to procure.

Now comes the question of new publications by theosophists and TS. They are
not generally available on-line. The conflict is between selling the books
and making them available on-line is preventing the new publication
appearing on-line. I think we need to find a solution to this dilemma
because, the interest of every theosophist should be to broadcast
information to the world so that they may not only quickly available to
theosophists but also any inquirer or newbee.


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