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Re: Theos-World Next GC Meeting in Dec 2009

Nov 25, 2009 08:18 AM
by Drpsionic

Time to get those remote viewers viewing!
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 11/24/2009 11:47:00 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Next GC Meeting in Dec 2009

In four weeks from now, the General  Council will meet to discuss
various issues before it. To this day all the  members of General
Council have kept their silence. Silence does not mean  nothing is
going on. It is understandable since it has been the  tradition
developed after Olcottâs time. Shrouding the matters of  General
Council in great secrecy especially the issues and the voting  details
thereof may have worked very well when the GC members  commanded
outstanding trust of the general membership. It is no longer the  case.

What broke the camelâs back was the ultra secret attempt  to
disenfranchise members world wide and seize the power to appoint  the
President, thus in turn make the President a puppet in the hands  of
GC members. Two aspects of this are note worthy and was seen  every
member; they are (1) the ultra secrecy with which the attempt was  made
(even long time dedicated members/workers at National  and
International Headquarters were blindsided and had to learn of it  from
Internet) and (2) the Quartet behind it and its timing, soon after  the
election. Many members no longer have the high level of trust in  their
leaders that they had before the elections as a result of the  above
and the tactics used in the attempt to defeat the sitting  President.

TS was setup as a democratic organization and not as a  secret
organization. The setup was not done on a whim. It is a  voluntary
group of men and women who were attracted and motivated by  single
keynote - Universal Brotherhood. To spur such volunteers to  unified
action to further the keynote, what is needed are a group of  leaders
who command extremely high level of trust from the  volunteers.

The actions and activities of last year and lack of unity  displayed by
the cleavage shown by the voting pattern in the last GC  meeting, does
not enhance the trust factor. Nor have w_e seen any specific  steps or
actions from the GC members to bring about unity and rebuild  trust.
What we have seen is simple silence. Is the silence, a calm before  the
next storm? We do not have any clue at all. Looking from recent  past
experience, one has to keep fingers crossed.

In my humble  opinion, the above cannot help furthering the objects of
TS. Nor any amount  of talk or discussion or lecturing about the
theosophical classics cannot  help, because the members see a
disconnect between the events of the last  year and the talk. What is
needed is transparent walk the walk.

Let  us hope that we see a clear demonstration of the unity and
cooperation and  real spirit of Brotherhood in the next GC meeting. If
cleavage continues,  it would speak for itself.


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