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Re: Theos-World Who is this mysterious S T Adelante?

Nov 23, 2009 05:08 AM
by MKR

Thanks. When the website first came up, it was not public and when
someone found out about it, it was taken down. It was at a time
following the last International Election. It got resurrected


On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:07 AM, Leon Maurer <> wrote:
> In ULT publications, and lectures, it's a policy not to sign the
> articles or give out the names of the lecturers -- since theosophy
> teachings must stand on their own, and there should be no reliance on
> the authority, reputation or expertise of the writer/speaker. ÂIf the
> unknown writer's or lecturer's identity is a mystery, then his
> writings or talks can be evaluated on its content alone, not on his
> name or reputation.
> In the case of Adelante, we might assume he may be following those
> rules and remaining anonymous -- which is in total accord with HPB's
> teachings, and was used by William Q. Judge in many of his stories,
> lectures and articles. ÂHis real name only appeared on such works
> after he died, when students published his writings and lectures.
> Although, he did use his name on most of his books.
> Judging by his postings, it's apparent that S.T. Adelante is a
> student of HPB, and respects those closest to her original teachings
> and foundation of the original TS in America.
> LHM.
> On Nov 22, 2009, at 11/22/092:26 AM, MKR wrote:
>> Who is this mysterious S T Adelante?
>> Some months ago, I received a email from one S T Adelante who is the
>> administrator of a quaint website which is supposed to address
>> theosophyâs future. In response I sent a email part of which I quote:
>> âI am not familiar with your name. I see you have an UK email address
>> and I suppose you are from that region. Which Lodge do you belong to
>> and what are your specific areas of interest? Do you hold any offices
>> in the TS?â
>> Adelante has not responded till today. I just read in a short article
>> on Internet regarding this personâs identity. The article says âThe
>> persons in charge of Theosophy Forward do not say in their website who
>> they are, contrary to what is usual. The website manager uses the
>> pseudonym âST Adelanteâ, and when some people asked for the identity
>> of the responsible of the website, the answer was: âIt is not
>> necessary to know the people who are in chargeâââ.
>> This is really strange coming from anyone interested in theosophy. The
>> number of active theosophists worldwide is quite minuscule. Hence it
>> is impossible to hide oneâs identity unless they use a pseudonym. In
>> the Internet forums, in the past, some theosophists have used
>> pseudonyms to avoid taking personal responsibility for their
>> statements in Internet. But, in time, their identities were discovered
>> to their public embarrassment.
>> I did some research about the website. It is registered with one Hans
>> Kind of Kind Internet Services in Netherland as the administrative
>> contact. Late last year, I got a confirmation that one Jan Nicolaas
>> Kind was involved in it. Googling Kind and theosophy, one comes across
>> Terezinha Franca Kind who is a General Council member and one of the
>> nominators of John Algeo in the last Presidential Election. It is my
>> understanding that he and Terezinha are related.
>> The mystery is deepening. We do not know if Adelante is the pseudonym
>> of Jan or Terezinha or that of some one else who dares not put his/her
>> own real name. It is not uncommon for some people to protect their
>> good name to operate either under a pseudonym or use others as a
>> front. Any way one day truth will come out and then we can all come to
>> our own conclusions.
>> Anyone knows more about this mysterious Adelante???
>> MKR
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