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Some thoughts on Brotherhood

Nov 21, 2009 05:53 AM
by MKR

>From time to time, when we see the actions of some of the long time
theosophical workers, leaders, elders, scholars, professors,
politicians etc., they surprise ordinary members who are exposed to
some of the simple fundamental tenets that theosophy presents. These
actions may be no different from that we see in other settings in the
world - political, religious, scientific, business, government etc.

The key note of theosophy is Brotherhood in its all encompassing
meaning. Simple folks like you and me need not run to any dictionary
to tell us what is it is. The simple smell test would say what it is

Human beings grow up looking up to role models in others and some may
be under the misperception to look up to leaders, elders, scholars,
professors, politicians etc. While we can from time to time learn some
tricks and lessons from others, the life and circumstances of each one
of us is different from every other. So we have to use our god given
thinking and analyzing powers.

If theosophy teaches us anything, it is the simple fact that practice
of Brotherhood in our daily lives can improve the quality of life
everywhere - ours, our family members, friends, and everyone with whom
we interact and are affected by what we say or do. The simple
touchstone that seems to help is to view everyone of our actions to
see if it contradicts the principle of Brotherhood and if there is a
self-serving motive or selfish benefit - whether deliberate or
unrecognized one is there in our actions. If there is, then it is time
to think and modify our actions.

If you apply the above simple test, then actions of the theosophical
workers, leaders, elders, scholars, professors, politicians etc.
become more transparent and we may be able to see the real motivation
behind their actions, especially as they affect the TS and propagation
of theosophy in the world. This is necessary because, many times,
persuasive misdirected cleverly crafted reasoning may be presented to
mislead the audience to hide the real motivation behind hurtful

My 0.02.


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