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How Internet has changed the environment?

Nov 19, 2009 05:02 AM
by MKR

How Internet has changed the environment?

How Internet has changed the information distribution environment was
clearly demonstrated a few days back. Traditionally, the Black Friday
Ads (nothing to do with Dupas and Black Powers) are kept secret until
the last moment. This Summer, Walmart, the giant retailerâs lawyers
notified many websites that they cannot distribute or post Black
Friday Ads days ahead of the official release. Then in an Internet
forum information was posted on certain hot deals and Walmart objected
and demanded it be removed. Next day, CNN talked about Black Friday
deals. Realizing that info cannot be contained, Walmart has allowed
websites to post the ads.

I think the above is a lesson that many organizations need to learn.
Spiritual organizations tend to operate in great secrecy (TS is no
exception - when have you seen the GC agenda??) under the mistaken
belief that the leaders have all the wisdom and that the followers are
dumb and should behave like sheep and need not be told the full story.

This works very well when the leaders are highly ethical and do not do
anything in which there is even a trace of personal benefit. The
moment personal benefit enters into the picture, then the decisions
are distorted by this element and as they say, devil can quote
scriptures; human ingenuity can give arguments to mask the self
serving decisions. In todayâs democratic world coupled with the
Internet, ordinary men and women are empowered to be vigilant in what
is going on.

In todayâs Internet world, even ordinary people have come to recognize
the famous Occult Rule that to keep anything really secret, it should
neither be put in writing or recorded in any form. Once it is done, it
is only time that they get revealed and any amount of reliance on laws
such as trade secret, copyright etc cannot protect them. Smart people
who grew up in pre-Internet environment and relied on such techniques
are in for a shock. Internet environment is not going to change. They
have to change. Should I remind of the classic case of revelation of
the ultra secret disenfranchise plan in TS which was revealed and
broadcast using Internet, thus saving TS from a disaster.

I am again reminded of the now famous quote from Mahatma KHâs 1900
letter where he warned Annie Besant that unnecessary secrecy has dealt
a deathblow to many organizations. When unnecessary secrecy surrounds
any organization, in the Internet environment, any machinations by any
leader or leaders gets exposed and those behind such machinations are
hurt for ever.

So it is time for everyone either go with the flow or run over by the
Internet Juggernaut.


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